Office Politics

Office politics! It's just another way of saying: "The employees are not getting along!"

When so much of a company's success depends on the employees' ability to work together as a cohesive team, it is critical that people understand and appreciate the differences in each other.

Symptoms of Office Politics:

  • Conflict

  • Stress

  • Job Dissatisfaction

  • Poor communication skills

The Results:

  • High employee turnover

  • Reduced productivity and profitability

The Solution:

  • Improve employee communication and understanding

The Disc Classic behavioral assessment is widely used by the nation's largest companies to improve the working relationship amongst its employees. The disc profile provides a nonjudgmental way to explore the "Dimensions of Behavior" across these 4 dimensions: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness.

  • D types like to be in control, and are direct, impatient, and strong-willed.

  • I types are people-oriented and are expressive, outgoing, and they need recognition.

  • S types are stable, predictable, and they like to work behind the scenes. They are good listeners and are sympathetic.

  • C types are analytical, and concerned with quality. They like to plan ahead and are systematic in their way of doing things.

When employees understand the different work styles and how best to relate to each style, the "Office Politics" may be a thing of the past.

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