Plan for Business Success - 6 Reasons to Succession Plan

Succession Planning provides many valuable assets to your business. Yet it is easy to do, with a game plan. Here are some reasons why the business leader will find it a useful issue to put some focus on.

  • Personal Development

    A manager starts to learn new skills. Far from the chaotic living from day to day, this is a new level, where the challenges really are evolutionary, for their employees and themselves. A chance to take the time to develop a strategic sense for the business or organisation. Unheard of in the past, now becomes a real possibility.

  • Plan

    One new skill is of planning ahead, further than the next days headcount. It helps to set a different perspective on their skills. To move them from survival mode to developmental and evolutionary. Leadership as well as managing.

  • Relaxation

    One of the truest tests of a manager, whether be they in a large, medium or small business, is how it works when the 'boss' isn't there. Many bosses hold so much, so close to them, that crises loom when they are away on vacation or off sick. A developed team, together with 'bubbling-unders', is a strong team, capable of coping on their own. So the boss can take a break and be refreshed for the new challenges to come.

  • Joy

    In an organisation where there are clear, focused plans for the future, supported key people and developing new employees, the mood is different. In fact, the engagement of their people is so good that the manager presides over a lot of fun, joy and happiness. That is a remarkably thrilling experience at the top of an organisation or team.

  • Input

    With much more discussion going on in an open and honest framework, employees begin to talk much more. They begin to see that they can help and create an impact. For managers this can be a bit challenging ? but they learn to trust and seek the help and support from their people too. That is massively more creative in say, problem-solving that going alone. Better, easier solutions are found.

  • Team Building

    Because each of the key players is involved in the process, they start to share their skills and knowledge. Partly because it evolves them as mini-managers, and partly because it is good to share. This a great group of people, working together to deliver excellent results brings a team ethic like never before. The team, of which the manager is of course a part, becomes the business.

    So what are you waiting for - there are resources out there, which are many times the value of their cost.

    Martin Haworth is a Business and Management Coach. He works worldwide with business owners and corporate leaders. He is the author of the Succession Planning Toolkit. Checkout the complimentary 7-day E-course! (Note to editors. Feel free to use this article, wherever you think it might be of value - it would be good if you could include a live link).

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