Your Biggest Problem in Business? Work Ethic

US Work Ethic Issues
and Lack of service

Well many of us are getting upset with the lack of service these days and no one cares and somehow we have all lowered our standards to the fact that getting good service is not to be expected, but rather a nice surprise if it ever does occur. Many great companies have derelicts, under achievers, cry babies, and people which could really careless and this is causing a rift between the best customers and businesses. Mediocrity is common place and to be expected and if you complain you probably will not get anyone who cares anyway or at least this is how many consumers feel.

We are led to believe this is appropriate and expected behavior and this is all we are entitled even though we are the buyers, the customers and we use to always be right. I for one am quite appalled by this and cannot believe we as Americans are accepting this level of lousy service from our own people? Having discussed this issue with many Americans at coffee shops across the Nation, I find it most fascinating that everyone has several horror stories to tell about bad service in all types of businesses. We all have experiences, which are not very complimentary to the American Workforce, yet we are the ones who make it up. After all we draw our population for all jobs in all categories.

Kind of scary to see how far down we have gone so quickly and 9-11 did not even fix the problem. What do we need? Well here is a thought. Hold Labor accountable too? Yes good idea;

After giving much thought to this it appears that the real issue gets back to the problems in the society at large, where we have chosen to place our priorities and how we have lost control through non-reality based thinking and public policy of our innate social needs as humans. Something seems to be missing. After all it appears that if you are going to do something you ought to give it your best efforts as promised when you sign up for the job.

Employees will blame it on the employer and say they do not pay me enough to take abuse from customers or to work at my optimal level. Employers say employees do not care. Employers blame the pay issue on the burdensome taxes on employment contributions.

Employees say they do not get enough benefits. Employers say insurance is too high, too many potential lawsuits, have to cut costs somewhere. Employees say that is not true, they do not pay me enough and want to strike, do work slow downs, do the minimal or not show up on time or at all. As unemployment gets under 3-5% the employees have the employer right where they want them, if the employer tries to force high productivity then they threaten to quit and work somewhere else. Employers then say that well, if we pay them more, there is no profit, unless they pick up the productivity then we cannot pay them anymore, they are not worth that much.

The employee says the Business Owners spouse bought a new SUV and that they are rich. The employer says well I had to mortgage my house to start this business and if they did not buy something then such as an SUV for their spouse's business then they would have had to pay the money in taxes anyway? The employee says, well then pay me more money, I deserve more? The employer says well you did not try to work hard, complained and now you want me to pay you more? Forget it.

Meanwhile where does that leave us? The customers? Hmmm?

Poor work ethic in America is destroying businesses, consumer trust along with the over regulation and lack of respect of the employers and employees.

Myself being involved in the Franchising Industry and studying all types of franchised and small business counterparts, I see a need to bring us all back together again.

"Lance Winslow" - If you have innovative thoughts and unique perspectives, come think with Lance;

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