Well-Defined Processes ? How to Create

Interested in learning how to reduce development time, save money and stay in control? Business professionals can learn how to create well-defined processes with the easy-to-manage Process Approach of Plan-Do-Check-Act.

Real Tools for Real Business Process

In MBA courses, students come across a lot of buzzwords and the theories behind them. And in the textbook, the terms look and sound great. But after they finish with their classes, they think to themselves: so now what I can I do with all of these terms like process mapping and control? How can I use these tools in my job, and why is it important for my business ? in the real world?

A Fresh, New Look Management Effectiveness

Even though these business men and women are feeling a little discouraged, they still know the importance of attaining this knowledge. So, for their jobs, they look to take further courses out there like "How to Create Well-Defined Processes to Build Effective Management Systems." They are a little skeptical going in, thinking that they will get just more of the same quick and simple definitions. But, surprisingly, they are happy to say that such a course shows them something quite different.

These courses fill in the missing context that they need. It thoroughly shows them the how, and thoughtfully explains the why. They receive a fresh outlook, and many highly recommend it to anyone who wishes to improve their business.

Easy Learning Process

Fortunately, because of such a course's open classroom environment, the instructors can answer both general and specific questions. The setting welcomes participation and discussion to develop solutions, which on-the-go business professionals very much appreciate. And so did Otis Jones, PMO Manager at Sara Lee Baking Group, who attended such a course. He was especially impressed with the user friendliness of the course content.

"Process mapping, process variability and the various process diagnostic tools were all excellent lessons to learn," Jones said. "The detail that they gave me in these areas was exactly what I was hoping for." Jones also said that he would push for other Sara Lee managers to take such a course so that they can better prepare for their business discovery phase. Next Jones will implement the information he learned into his company's internal training documents.

Gain Process Knowledge

And many others too are encouraged. Such courses prove to them that a business does not have to just hope for the best of luck. Business owners and executives can clearly define processes, and then monitor and improve them to keep the system consistent, efficient and effective. With Plan-Do-Check-Act, this can let one see if there is any waste in the system, and also how to reduce this waste and save money.

Walk Away Empowered

Individuals can walk away energized with a sense of empowerment. They can walk away with the profound knowledge that they can make tangible improvements in everyday processes. Everyone desires to feel better about their jobs and businesses, and through this type of course they can take the first steps to learn how.

Chris Anderson has over 18 years of management experience working with business process design, software and systems engineering with companies both large and small. He is also co-author of policies and procedures manual products, producing the layout, process design and implementation to increase performance. He is now director of Bizmanualz, Inc.

Visit: http://www.bizmanualz.com

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