Know Your Client - The First Rule of Business Coaching

Whilst the very best coaches have undertaken independently accredited training and or have years of experience with clients, new self-assessment questionnaires are coming available which is evolving coaching into a far more focused activity. And that is to the benefit of coach/client relationships for the following reasons:-

  • Key Areas
    Results from assessments enable the coach and client to understand key areas for development and the client can then choose which will be most beneficial.

  • Focus
    Assessments focus the coaching conversation on where it best adds value both to the individual and the organisation.

  • Build on Success
    As well as areas when underperformance might be an issue, strengths are also identified and can be utilised to improve areas needing attention. Thus making progress easier.

  • Starting Point
    With an initial assessment process, there is a 'stake in the ground' for where the client is starting from. This can be reassessed later in the development process to show development is happening.

  • Cost-Effective
    Focusing on just where need is greatest means that value is created most cost-effectively for both the client and the organisation.

  • Quick Progress
    By really focusing on key development needs, identified accurately using the assessment process, results are seen quickly, which builds the client's confidence.

  • Link to Workplace
    Organisational requirements can easily be taken into account whilst deciding where best to work with each individual client. This tailoring of focus avoids the 'one-size fits all' principle of many training programs.

  • Step-by-step
    Development activities can be planned progressively, using assessment results to both identify those areas where growth is needed and also where it is not. In some cases additional resources might be needed. Indeed, where there are significant indicators, there may be the opportunity to review roles.

  • Ease of access and Use
    Online self-assessments can be accessed anywhere in the world where a PC is available and ongoing coaching is effectively carried out by phone.

  • Advanced Levels
    Progress can be gradual with most important areas in the first program, followed later by an extended relationship where time and resources allow. This 'growth-on-growth' escalates an individual's progress depending on need and role, offering scope for career advancement.

    Whilst it is important to understand that the realities of a coach/client relationship means that this is ultimately a personal and human to human thing, technology is accelerating the pace of employee development in organisations throughout the world, large and small in an increasingly cost-effective and focused manner.

    © Martin Haworth 2005. At Coaching Businesses to Success, we work with clients from all sorts of business backgrounds worldwide, often entirely by phone, using Intercept® ID, a proven online self-assessment tool. For more information, checkout the http://www.coaching-businesses-t website for more details.

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