The Number One Tried and Tested Method For Exploding Your Ezine Subscriptions

We all know how cagey and stubborn prospects can be and we know that only a tiny percentage will buy our products the first time they see them. We all know that the only way to convince savvy prospects to buy is by building trust with them and that the single most effective way of building trust is by getting our visitors to subscribe to our newsletters.

So, if signing up prospects to our newsletter is so vital to making sales why do most of us keep our subscription invitations tucked away in the margins of our websites where they can very easily be overlooked or ignored. And if signing up prospects is so vital to our sales why do we place our invitations to sign in those annoying pop-ups that prospects want to close before they've even read the fantastic deal we're trying to offer them!

If you're serious about exploding your newsletter subscriptions and I'm mean increasing them by up to 400%, read on. The method I'm about to tell you is so simple and easy to implement you'll be amazed that you hadn't thought of it yourself before.

To achieve the kind of subscriptions that Internet business people dream of, you'll need to take two simple steps. First, you need to increase the amount of real estate on your site dedicated to capturing visitors and no, I don't mean creating bigger, in-your-face subscription boxes. The second thing you need to do is entice visitors to sign up by harnessing the power of audio. I can already hear the gasps but with so many easy to use tools available right now, adding audio to your site is nothing to get uptight about!

I'll explain what I mean! Tucking your subscription box away in the corner of you sites forces your single most effective sales tools to compete for your visitor's attention with all the other information you have on your site, links, banners, ads and content! Unfortunately, the competition can prove stiff and you don't always succeed in grabbing the attention you require. Visitors get ready to click away from your site without having even noticed the invitation to subscribe. When this happens, you might implement your back-up plan, the exit pop-up. In a last bid effort you try to entice users to subscribe before they leave by throwing a pop-up at them. Did you know that 80% of Internet users find pop-up's annoying and that last thing you want is a visitor leaving your site experiencing a negative emotion!

What you need to do is dedicate your landing page to subscription signups. It may sound a little crazy but if you place a subscription invitation on your homepage and combine this with a compelling audio message describing to your visitors all the great stuff they will receive when they sign up to your newsletter, you'll find people warming to you quicker than you ever thought possible.

Recently, I came across an example of this technique done to perfection on Paul Colgan's website. Paul is the Affiliate Marketing Guy. When landing on the homepage of Paul's website,, you are greeted with a personal audio message from Pual explaining the two types of newsletters he offers and the benefits of signing up to each. His message is not at all pushy. It's informative and very compelling. Using an audio message on the homepage personalises Paul's site in a way that can't be with any other technique. Without the audio, Paul's invitation on the homepage to sign up to his newsletters would seem empty and many would click away before entering the site. With the audio Paul has transformed his landing page into a subscription magnet.

Go on ... give it a try for yourself!

Tracey Meagher is the founder of QuickandEasy Audio, a website that reviews all the latest resources and tools available for adding audio to your website. Visit to receive free audio resources that will get audio on your website in less than 60 minutes!

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