Stand Up!

One of the most undervalued blessings is God's will to make every individual a unique creation. It takes all kinds of people to do the great work of the Lord's kingdom, and it's a good thing that each of us has special talents, callings, and gifts to serve this purpose.... Read More

Happy Ending

I'm writing to you with a completely shattered heart. I've known my wife for over five years, and we got married last August. It was a fairy tale wedding, everything we always wanted, with about 200 guests. Everyone said by the look on our faces they knew we were in... Read More

Healing from Within

"We are responsible for everything in our lives, including how the chemistry in our bodies works or doesn't work." Wayne Dyer's words hit me like a bolt of lightening as I listened to his taped book, You'll See It When You Believe It.Throughout the years, I had suffered tremendously with... Read More

Everyone Has Been Hurt...Part 2

continued.....Then onto my teen years. My mom had a few boyfriends back then. The majority didn't like me and my brother too well, but mainly my brother, I guess it was jealousy. Some were okay others weren't. Some treated us like crap, others looked out for us. When they picked... Read More

Words That Can Leave You Powerless

The lines below come from this weeks mind treatment, written by Rev. Angelica Jayne who is a regular weekly contributor to this site.I seldom ever include other people's writing with my own, and very rarely use quotes and almost never comment on them. I sit in front of my computer... Read More

What If?

What If? What if I can't? What If I can? What I should be thinking Is it in God's plan?What if I couldn't? What if I could? Then I start to wonder If I really should?What if I wouldn't? What if I would? What... Read More


"If unresolved anger is a toxin to the spirit, forgiveness is the antidote." - Brian L. SeawardRecently I caught a portion of a television show about individuals working to make changes in their lives. The particular portion that I viewed dealt with two sisters that had not spoken to each... Read More

There Must Be A Way Out!

He was pushing a cart containing crates of soft drinks and followed closely by his two little boys when their momentum was halted. Noticing the situation, I ? who was on my way to see my printer's - stopped to see what would happen next. Before them stood this mud-filled... Read More

A Cat In The Hand Is Worth Two Birds In The Bush!

I bought this computer just over two years ago with my first venture into the world of credit cards. I'm a mature woman and have seen and done a lot in this world, but nothing could have prepared me for this. When I finished high school computers were not standard... Read More

Essential Ingredient

Direct Answers - Column for the week of September 15, 2003I have a couple of questions for you. If a person no longer feels they love their spouse, is it time to divorce?Also, do you think a person who has had an affair can change enough for the betrayed to... Read More

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pen paper and inkwell

cat break through

True Inner Guidance

It's easy to tell the difference between true inner guidance... Read More

Letting Go and Letting Be

In Corrogue it is frosty.The earth is hard and unyielding.... Read More

Go Where No Man Or Woman Has Gone Before

"It`s life Jim but not as we know it." -SpockIn... Read More

Journaling for Two

Journaling is a powerful tool that can enhance our lives... Read More

Its About That Time

As we've reached the half way point of the year... Read More

What We Believe We Create - Love is the Creation

I once was told by the Angels that our concept... Read More

Live the Adventure!

Think of an adventure that you might like to take.... Read More

There Must Be A Way Out!

He was pushing a cart containing crates of soft drinks... Read More

What If?

What If? What if I can't? What If I... Read More

Inspired Intuition - Following Your Inner Voice

"Some people call the still, small voice insight or intuition?Our... Read More

A Feline Example On Courage

Fangs. Killer claws. Hisses, grrrs...and later, yelps. Who is not... Read More

A Reason For Living in a Nutshell

In brief, my book A REASON FOR LIVING is the... Read More

Weapons of Mass Distraction

Anything that draws one away from the business of living... Read More

Stay With It!

I walked out of his office inspired. All I could... Read More

A Word Fitly Spoken ~ Believe

A Word Fitly SpokenA word fitly spoken is like apples... Read More

Your James Bond Fantasies Become Real

The problem with this is that fantasies usually don't come... Read More

The Shoemaker and the Brat

At seventeen years old, I was a brat. A mixture... Read More

Self-Validation: Living an Empowered Life

Sometimes we are concerned with being right and we don't... Read More

Universal Thought System Language Keywords

Before we are able to use the Universal Thought System... Read More

My Mothers Garden

I love to talk about Purposeful Living with others and... Read More

Careful What You Wish For...

I have always been fascinated by the concept of "wishing.",... Read More

Two Drops Of Water

Direct Answers - Column for the week of June 17,... Read More

The Nature of Anger

Excerpt From The Relationship Handbook: How to Understand and Improve... Read More

The River of Life

I've always loved the awesome majesty of mountains. They are,... Read More

The Meaning of Life

Life ?.. Indeed is full of learning's, experiences, facts and... Read More

Its A Brand New Day

Waking up one day and realizing your world just isn't... Read More

Need A Boost? Take a Look at How Far Youve Come

Too many of us are too hard on ourselves, always... Read More


Direct Answers - Column for the week of May 19,... Read More

How To Have An Effortless Life

Isn't that an appealing title? How to Have an Effortless... Read More


It is hard to capture the synchronicity of this next... Read More

Why Does it Take So Long to Slow Down

Why do we wait so long, before we start thinking... Read More

Blasting Out of the Shadows: The Power of Your True Voice

First, let me share a quote from Ashlee Simpson's latest... Read More

How To Develop A Grateful Mind (The Best Medicine)

There is one sure fire medicine that cures all difficulty... Read More