Weight Loss Secret -- Think Bodybuilding

This little known secret has been used by bodybuilders for sometime now to achieve astounding results, including healthy weight loss when necessary.

Keep in mind, however, that bodybuilders also practice the diet basics of healthy weight loss...nutritionally sound and balanced diets with muscle building exercises.

The Bodybuilder's Weight Loss Secret

Bodybuilders have successfully overcome one of the toughest obstacles to healthy weight loss...a slower resting metabolic rate.

Dieting to lose weight evokes a strong counteraction by the body to conserve energy. When you start a diet, one of the means to lose weight involves eating fewer calories. This acts as an alarm and signals the body to prepare for a future starvation state, something your body is extremely efficient at protecting against.

To counter the decrease in caloric intake and help keep you alive, your body conserves energy by slowing down the resting metabolic rate (number of calories burned per day).

A slower metabolic rate results in fewer calories burned than normal, which conserves energy and might allow for more fat to be stored.

A drop in the metabolic rate is one of the toughest obstacles for dieters to overcome. Here's a quick summary of what's happens:

  • Start dieting by eating fewer calories

  • Lose some weight

  • Signals starvation

  • Slower resting metabolic rate (fewer calories burned/day)

  • Energy is conserved and extra is stored as fat

  • Gain some weight

How does the resting metabolic slow down? Muscle loss!

To fight against a slower metabolic rate, bodybuilders have mastered the science of preserving (and building) muscle -- the weight loss secret!

Preserving Muscle when Losing Weight

Two simple actions will help to preserve muscle while dieting:

  • Eat More Protein

    • Add a lean protein source to each meal

    • Add non-animal protein to each meal

    • Drink a protein shake during the second longest fast of the day, after sleeping overnight. This is usually between lunch and dinner for most Americans

  • Start a Resistance Training Program

  • Muscle is your greatest weapon to prevent weight gain and to maximize weight loss. Please, visit my home page and explore the different roles muscle plays in preventing weight gain and in helping you stay slim.

    To Healthy Living! Muscle!

    Michael A. Smith, MD
    Chief Medical Consultant
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