The Mind?s Power Fusion Component

It is widely believed that just anybody has the intrinsic potential to unfold an idea that will generate the revolutionary change(s) the world needs. That's erroneous!

As no man can give what he does not possess. It is therefore quite unequivocal to say only knowledgeable people have the innate and dynamic ability to evolve revolutionary concepts.

I discern that the more knowledge and skill one acquires towards the fulfillment of ones field of calling, vision, life goals or assignment the more empowered one is to generate revolutionary concepts in that field or area of calling.

God is the ultimate source of true inspiration and by no means will he unfold (unzip) certain hierarchy of ideas to a knowledge-void or deficient mind as such a mind does not have the requisite mind-empowerment (by knowledge) to implement those ideas and will only lead to sheer wastage of resources .God is known for prudent management of resources.

It is therefore imperative to state that the "higher my knowledge and skill acquisition for the fulfillment of my life's calling, vision or assignment the higher my mind-empowerment to evolve revolutionary concepts in my field of calling".

As visionists we're therefore saddled with the responsibility of continual mind- upgradement if we're going to make "ever-green " contributions to our areas of calling.


I deduce form the biblical account of Jacob that he was a man highly committed to knowledge and skill acquisition as his master Laban never at any point complain about his unskillfulness or inability in effective animal husbandry (for which he was employed) for 14 years; neither did his employer substitute another employee in his stead. In addition, his employer had total trust in him and never bothered to keep stock or review company business transaction records from time to time.

This whole scenario is not common in today's job situations, as many employers of labor are not favorably disposed to the idea of retaining a staff for more than 10 years of service after which it is believed that he must have deposited all the 'stuff' he's got to offer and he's therefore considered henceforth under-productive and consequently laid off to allow entry for 'fresh-blood' applicants.

Only a handful of employees manage to garner the trust of their employees during their years of service in their various organizations and at one time or the other it is more likely than not that their bosses might have attempted substituting them for another employee perceived to have more 'stuff upstairs' to deliver. While unsavory that may seem to the employee, it is note-worthy to unravel the principles behind Jacob's success at his work-place.

Quite compelling it is to note the man Jacob was a rare breed of employee in the light of today's job situations. By evidence we have: he was too valuable ?an ?employee to lay off. And expectedly his boss sought to retain him for even longer (it was obvious that was the company's No.1 asset) and he did, for another 7 years. Notice that the revolutionary idea did not come to Jacob until after his 14 plus additional 7 years of on-the-job knowledge and skill acquisition by service.

Yes, Jacob had in time past got some other ideas but those ideas were always commensurate/proportional to the quality and quantity of knowledge he had in his data bank. But the revolutionary idea (breakthrough idea) did not unfold to him until after his 21 years of knowledge and dexterity ferreting in his field of calling. It doesn't necessarily have to be that long for everybody, 21 years is not the standard but one thing is instructive: YOU MUST WORK AT CONSTANTLY ACQUIRING LEARNING AND SKILL TOWARDS THE FULFILMENT OF YOUR LIFE'S CALLING.


The world renowned Scientist Thomas Edison also climbed this same ladder of continual learning and mind upgradement towards the fulfillment of his life's calling and at various stages of learning and dexterity acquisition he reeled out scientific ideas/inventions always commensurate to his information database and kept upgrading until he crossed the 'point-of-no-return' .At this stage it became quite as natural for him to unleash astounding scientific concepts/inventions .He became a living repository of scientific knowledge. It reached a point the revolutionary concepts kept bubbling forth that it became humanly impossible for him to implement all these concepts; he therefore entered into another realm called ?


At the consultancy stage he became consultant to a sea of eclectic and teeming clientele, most of whom were intellectuals themselves, others included CEO's of companies from all over the world.

I perceive that consultancy is the final stage in knowledge and skill acquisition. It is a class exclusively reserved for those who have climbed through the previous stages of the ladder of "knowledge and skill acquisition for life's calling".

It is the class a man of learning graduates into and establishes himself as an Authority and carves a niche for himself in that field of calling or assignment. As much as it is a class much desired, it is not a class to be rushed into or assumed, rather the height a man of learning attains by constantly making progress at, by way of a life-long and selfless commitment to learning in his field of calling or area of assignment.

About The Author

Sam Tolu koyejo is an Information Technologist specializing in Web Concepts development and implementation. Also a member of Prolform International (PLF).

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