Basic Management Skills

Recent studies have shown that industrial supervisors are working at less than 60 % of their potential. Basic management skills training is guaranteed to change all this and at such little cost

Manager in context

Most of my adult life has been spent working as a supervisor or manager on industrial projects throughout the world. As the years passed I have become more and more convinced that the supervisor is the most critical of all roles in industry. The supervisor controls the key organizational ground that separates management from the workforce, which is fundamental to introducing and sustaining effective change.

Unfortunately, many managers are given their demanding roles without adequate preparation. People are commonly promoted into management and supervisory positions without being given the basic skills to be a manager. As a result millions of dollars are lost each year and so many personal ambitions are never realized.

Born to lead

Many people believe that good managers, like some good sportsmen, are born, not made. Fortunately research does not support this view. In fact, history shows us the damage caused by these so called natural leaders.

We must be careful not to confuse charisma with leadership skills. Of course some of us are endowed with more potential in some areas than others.

Most top athletes have some natural endowment but it is the constant coaching and practice that brings success. The same is true for a good manager.

Management skills can be learnt and practiced to perfection just like using your local tennis or golf pro. It will take time, effort, and determination but no one said it would be easy. Benefits of becoming a better manager.

I mentioned earlier that change is good for you. What about the personal benefits to you in becoming a skilled manager? Let's look at these in more detail:

You become more successful

In spite of what we say, we all love success both for ourselves and our loved ones. It is just natural and it makes us feel good and I cannot think of a better benefit than this.

You are in control

I prefer to be controlling my own destiny and not always following others. A good manager is always in control even in crisis situations. You get less unpleasant surprises and problems.

You have more time available

Now you can have the luxury of time to think. How to make further improvements? You get more quality time with your family with less emergency call outs.

You become more popular

Please forget about all this tough talk of a good manager has to be unpopular. That went out before sliced bread. I am not suggesting that you make popularity an objective but it will happen naturally by using the Manager's Toolbox. Believe me that working in a pleasant work environment takes some beating.

You will be healthier

Industrial stress and its related diseases has become a major and worldwide problem. Good management training can be a significant factor in reducing these problems.

Benefits for your family

Wow, this is dangerous territory. Of course our family life is not structured as a company but there are many similarities. You need to plan and organize your family affairs and projects. On times you have to be a leader and be able to communicate at both adult and child levels. Most of us are positive about change when it comes to our families - we all want our children to do better than ourselves. All these things are covered in the Manager's Toolbox.

Chris Thomas is the author of the Managers Toolbox training material located at and runs the very successful Basic Management Course for new leaders and supervisors.

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