Fitness through Exercise for Life ? Principles that Keep You Going for Life!



Exercising has so many physical benefits that most of us can relate to, but what about the emotional and psychological benefits it brings? Physical fitness, I believe, touches far more than just our arms, arteries and waistlines. It touches our very soul.


Tiger Woods was asked, "How do you feel about your competition?" Tiger replied, "My competition comes not from other people, but from the golf course in my mind." Personally, my workouts are not gauged on how much I can lift that day or how fast I can run a mile. My workouts are all about efficiency. If I can accomplish my goals in half the time, doing half the routines, you're darn right I am going to do it.

In my experience, less is always more.


One of the best attitudes you can have in order to keep your workouts going is to never be afraid to ask for help. Early on, I realized I needed assistance. If you want to reach a goal, find someone who has met your challenge and get advice from him or her.


Remember the formula:


If I had to narrow the magic down to one word for getting results, it would be consistency. If you learn nothing else, learn this principle. Results are about being consistent.


Your body is a smart, adaptive machine. On occasion, throw a little change in the mix.


If you work smarter rather than harder, develop a "less is more" attitude and watch the results follow.


There's no getting around it. Exercise takes discipline; it takes courage. Anything you have ever done in life has taken hard work, perseverance, and willingness to get in the trenches. You want to feel better, so be willing to pay the price. If not, you will pay a dear price very soon and it won't just be monetary.



All it takes to get started is a small amount of hope-hope that you can feel better, maybe lose a little weight, lower your blood pressure and stress levels, and at the end to the day feel happier, inside and out. You get hope and then you're on your way!


Sometimes it takes faith from others to get us started. Some times it may even take an act of desperation from us, but believing that it is possible to feel better gives us motivation to start or continue on.


Desire comes from within. It motivates us when we really want to be in denial, make excuses or quit. True desire starts in your heart.

It's time you quit making excuses, quit feeling sorry for yourself, and quit sitting on your biggest asset.

Just Move IT!

Greg Ryan is a high profile fitness expert and former employee of Kathy Smiths. Body building champion, public speaker and personal trainer to the stars. He is a best selling author of the Changing from the INSIDE OUT through real behavior change, smart eating and effective exercising. Start getting in better shape today!

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