The Only Way to Get Free Advertising?

Receiving free advertising is the dream of most business people. If you've ever found yourself frosting at the mouth over how your competitor got interviewed on the news or how they are always highlighted in the local paper, then read on. Maybe next time you can beat them to the punch and reach thousands at no cost.

The only way to get lots of free advertising is to develop a Press Kit, also commonly called a Media Kit. Once you've produced a folder full of information about you and your business, present it to your local media people - editors, producers and writers. A good Press Kit shows that you're media-savvy and that you understand how the game is played.

A Press Kit is a necessary marketing tool. It's a folder containing information that will help reporters write an accurate story about your business. It helps reporters save time and improve accuracy. Reporters don't have to spend time on follow-up calls to the source (you) for more information or to double check numerous facts. You've provided them all for them. Your respect for Media people with be appreciated and your time in developing this package will not be wasted.

It's usually assumed that the only people who need Press Kits are the Non- or Not-for-profit sectors, doing work and raising funds for special needs groups. Not so!

- Musicians with upcoming gigs or CD releases.

- Grass roots Political groups needing positive attention drawn to their cause.

- Companies with new products they'd like reviewed by Trade and Commercial Publications and Newspapers, TV Programs, Websites and specific Radio Talk Shows.

- New companies just opening their doors.

- A company which has won an Industry Award.

- A company sponsoring an event, fundraiser or just for fun.

- A business person seeking to become a Specialist in their industry to garner regular media attention in order to increase exposure and sales.

- Most big businesses have a Press Kit prepared and regularly updated for use at a moments' notice.

- Your company has just received major media attention and you want the world to know!

- Your company has sponsored a contest, survey or charitable event that people would have an interest in being involved in.

Sound like a lot of work? Initially it can be, but it's worth the sweat equity you put into it. Develop a well written Press Kit, including product information, a personal biography and a list of questions for your interviewer and you'll be placed in front of thousands in no time, for free. You'll be the industry specialist. You'll be the one everyone calls on because nobody knows better than you. Best of all, you'll be the one the customers call and it didn't cost you a dime.

Linda Laforge-Koebel is an advertising professional dedicated to the business success of her clients. To find more resources or to sign up for the Business Booster newsletter visit her at: or contact her by email at:

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