What Skills Should You Have in Producing Teleseminars?

A teleseminar can allow you to market goods and services to people without you having to spend a lot of money. A teleseminar is simply a regular seminar placed over the phone: your speakers and guests will be on the phone lines telling people about what they should be doing, what they should buy and why, and where they should go to buy what they should purchase. Your participants do not need to travel far in order to reach your conference. They simply need to call your special telephone number, enter their authorization or access code, and then listen to your seminar over the phone.

Producing a teleseminar, however, also needs you to have a special skill set. First, because the teleseminar is conducted over the telephone and relies on technology, you will need to have some technological know-how in terms of how the technology works. This means that you should know what button does what on your console, what you need to do in order to return a dropped call back into the teleseminar, and troubleshooting. This means that you also have to have the ability to think on your toes just in case something happens during the teleseminar.

In producing the teleseminar itself, you need to have a great sense of what logic to follow in your outline. You need to draw up an outline: you need to know how to tell your customers or clients what you need to tell them in the fewest words and shortest time possible. You need to make efficient use of your time: you cannot have a teleseminar running over an hour or two, as it can be tiring to attend a seminar while cradling a phone to one’s ear. You need to have a sense of how people’s minds work: which speaker should follow which speaker, and how can you best endorse your product or service without sounding like you are desperate for sales?

You also need to have a great nose for networking. This allows you to not only get more people to learn about your product or service offline, but it also gives you the chance to interact with professionals who could spice up your teleseminar and serve as your speakers. A great relationship with people in your line of work can also assure you of more customers, especially if you know how to endorse your products and services to your target market.

You need to have a great voice and modulation if you are the speaker for a teleseminar. Your voice needs to carry through the phone lines. Moreover, you need to be an engaging speaker: listening to a boring speaker over the phone is not only discouraging, but annoying for your prospective customers. If you are not the speaker, but are tasked with looking for speakers, you also need to have an ear for who speaks well and is engaging, all while having a good voice that is suited to teleseminars.

Lastly, you need to have a lot of energy. Putting a teleseminar together can be difficult without the energy of someone who can coordinate people, have technology up and working, and come up with a backup plan if things go wrong (as they usually will when technology is involved).

You also need to be proactive: being reactionary might only lead to panic and a badly concluded teleseminar. For more advice, talk to people who have already produced teleseminars, and learn from every teleseminar you produce so that the next one will be better.


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