7 Essential Teleseminar Tips for Success

Here are a few things you can do to guarantee the success of your teleseminar.

Plan Your Presentation

Before sending out invitations, make sure youíve already a clear idea of what your presentation will be for your teleseminar. Figure out the link between what youíre offering and what your target market needs, and youíll have the best topic for your teleseminar.

Make an outline on how you wish to make your presentation. Be diligent in writing your ideas and make your outline as detailed as possible. You might think youíll remember everything, but when the big day comes nearer, stress and pressure can cause severe memory problems.

Practice your presentation and hold a general rehearsal a few days before the actual teleseminar takes place.

Prepare Your Tools

Make all the necessary arrangements to have the proper tools ready for the scheduled date. Be sure that your bridge line and other important tool and equipment are in working order. It may be human to err, but technology is not always perfect so be sure to have a back-up plan ready in case of any technical glitch.

Send Invitations Early and Send It Far and Wide

Invitations must be sent out as early as possible and follow-up mails and calls should be made at regular but adequately spaced intervals. You want as many people as possible to participate in your teleseminar.

Use all the means available to get a hold of your target. Submit links, podcasts, and articles to the appropriate directories. Use social networking and bookmarking to gain greater exposure for your teleseminar. Try both free and paid advertising strategies, as long as you can stay within your budget.

Reward Early Birds

Try to think of various benefits to encourage people to sign up early for your teleseminar. If your teleseminar comes with a participation fee, you can give reasonable discounts or other incentives to those who sign up early. Ebooks and other gifts you may give for free are also an excellent way of increasing attendance for your teleseminar.

Make Smart Use of Your Q and A

Start by having people list their most burning questions in their registration form. Scan these questions and try to incorporate them in your presentation.

Your presentation should also include Q and A segment and you can start by introducing questions that had been raised in your initial survey but you hadnít been able to address in your presentation. To get the ball rolling for the live portion of your Q and A segment, offer rewards for the first five persons to voice out their questions.

Take Care of Your Voice

Your entire teleseminar hinges on your voice so remember to take good care of it, especially on the few days leading to your teleseminar. Have warm water on standby at all times and make good use of the breaks allotted in your presentation.

Make Them Informed Listeners

You will waste less time introducing the topic if you send your guests reference materials prior to the teleseminar. The materials must contain enough information to give them a clear understanding of what youíre about to offer, but not too much that they wonít have to listen to you.

Last but not the least, keep a positive outlook for your teleseminar. Donít let anything get you down. If you believe your products and services are truly what your target market needs then go all out in proving it!


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