Free Teleseminar Software You Shouldn't Do Without

When someone said that you can produce a teleseminar for free, they weren'texaggerating. It is quite possible to present a teleseminar for virtually no money, thanks to a selection of teleseminar software that you can download and use without any cost. Other than the value of your time and effort, that should bring down the expense of producing a teleseminar to virtually zero. Here are a few of the teleseminar software you might want to consider using:

Free recording software


Audacity is an open source software, so you can download it for free. It's quite popular with people in the teleseminar circuit because it's very easy to use and offers options for recording and editing.

Once downloaded onto your computer, you can then use this software to record your teleseminar. You can copy the file onto a disk, CD or DVD later. An advantage to this software is that it can work with either a PC or a Mac.

Wimpy MP3 Player

This is an excellent tool to use for teleseminar software. It can record in MP3 format and then allow you to edit your audio files and generate your content as a podcast. An added bonus is that it can support links to your e-commerce web page, so your audience can order and purchase from your online shopping cart.

Beware, though. It only plays MP3 audio files. If you prefer another format, you can use Wimpy Rave or another software.

Free Conferencing Live Office

This is actually used as a bridge line to handle teleconferencing during teleseminars but it carries plenty of perks. For one, it allows free recordings of your audio so you can save and store your lectures and presentations for posterity. You can also use this application to publish your teleseminar or use the audio content for podcasting.

Mix Craft Recording Studio

Another free software you can use for your teleseminar is Mix Craft. It has plenty of features that might scare off those who aren't tech-savvy but don't worry. This software doesnít have a steep learning curve. If you want to produce recordings that are professional-quality, this is an excellent choice.

Although this software is meant to be used by aspiring music artists who want to record at home, it's also excellent for recording teleseminars. There are plenty of editing features that you'll like, along with sound effects. There's also a feature called 'cross fade', which allows you to make corrections to recorded clips that are less than ideal. You can record a fresh clip, drag and simply drop it on the older track so you can create a seamless, professional-sounding recording.



This is a free shopping cart application that will come in handy for your paid teleseminars. You probably know by now how difficult it can be to manage registration and payment transactions for your audience but Commerce.CGI can solve that. It's Web-based, so your computer resources wouldn't be bogged down.

This shopping cart has full features, installs and gets set up easily and is a breeze to use. There's also standard support in case you have any questions. Works well with either Windows or Linux servers.


Another free teleseminar software you shouldn't do without is the Ubercart shopping cart. It's quite capable of handling all your business transactions, so whether you're selling books, e-books or audio recordings to your audience or all of it, this application can handle all these tasks nicely.



The Autoresponder and Mailing List Manager is a free management software that can help ease administrative tasks associated with your upcoming teleseminar. You can set up personalized messages, schedule mailings, use double opt-ins and manage follow ups at a pace you prefer.


No need to hire an assistant for your teleseminar if you have this software. It's free for the first month, easy to use and has excellent features. You'll have to sign up for an account, though but soon you'll have access to an efficient autoresponder service that can easily manage your mailing list for you.


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