Steps on How to Record and Document a Teleseminar

Hosting a teleseminar is one of the fastest, most convenient and innovative ways to reach your target market, promote your product and share information to your clients. If you're planning on hosting your own teleseminar any time soon, you might want to consider recording it.

Having an audio or electronic file copy of your teleseminar is an excellent way to document the event and its contents so you can use it later as a reference for future teleseminars and even sell the recording as a separate product later. Here are ways you can record your own teleseminar and some solutions you can use:

Check your phone bridge line service

Most companies offering teleconference bridge line services also offer recording services as part of their package. Always ask your phone service company for this option, although if you do pay for teleconferencing, you probably will be offered this feature as well.

The recording service should not cost you a lot of money, so remember to shop for the best rates and services.

Decide if you want to record without editing

Sometimes, you might only wish to record the details and content of the teleseminar as is. This is if you wish to give your attendees or customers a copy to use as a reference. In that case, you probably will not need to make any modifications in the recording. You simply have to ask the company servicing your teleconference to make the recording.

Use a teleconference recording application

Other than your teleconference service company, you can ask a third party application to record your teleseminar. A few products to choose from include: Audacity (this is open source, so you can get it for free), Sony Media, Wimpy Player, Audio Generator and Audio Acrobat. The last two solutions require a monthly fee but rates are quite affordable.

An advantage to these solutions when it comes to recording your teleseminar is that they not only allow you to manage the actual recording, many of them also come equipped with features that let you edit the contents. A few, such as Audio Generator and Audio Acrobat, even allow you to set up testimonial lines so your attendees can give you feedback regarding your teleseminar later.

Record the teleseminar on your own

This is a good option if you do not wish to include the voices of your guests on the recording perfect for knowledge- or information-based teleseminar lectures. All you'll need is an audio player (preferably digital) that has a recording feature or a computer with a microphone.

Simply set up your preferred device so you can record directly in real time. You can then upload the file, change its format, edit the content and even add music and special effects.

An advantage to this option is that even if you can only record your voice and not those of your attendees, the quality of the audio is much better.

Consider using Web-based control

One of the features often offered by teleconference service companies allows you to access a control panel from an online site. From there, you will be able to view the number of participants you have. You can also control their participation, which means you can turn on or off the mute button of the participants' lines as you like.

Not technology-savvy? Consider a third party solution

You can outsource the recording of your teleseminar to a professional company. This takes away a lot of burden from you since you only have to worry about hosting the teleseminar. The rest of the recording and documentation tasks will be handled by the company. They can record, edit and even produce a transcribed version of your lecture.


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