Five Publicity Buckets For Marketing-Minded Financial Planners

Maybe you've seen another financial planner on TV, and thought, "Hey, I'm just as good as she. Why didn't the press pick me?"

Well, chances are, as you now know, they picked her for at least two good reasons:

  • She is a proficient ? though not necessarily top?financial planner, and
  • She did something, somewhere, to get on their radar screen.
  • Just as you're going to learn how to do. If you'll just keep learning about publicity.

    Truth is, you can't just walk into a TV station or magazine office and announce, "Here I am, expert available!" It's a little more involved than that.

    But it's not so hard that a smart financial planner can't figure it out. And implement your own little media plan. And use your publicity to build business. And do it without spending a ton of money on some fancy-pants PR firm.

    All you have to do is understand how the game works. How media folks think. How they speak. What they need to put together a story? a story that informs their audience, and that features you.

    Truth is, you can sort nearly everything you need to know into five convenient buckets. They are:

    • Create your own story.
    • Learn the media game.
    • Connect with the media.
    • Excel in the media.
    • Get more out of your publicity.

    Ned Steele works with people in professional services who want to build their practice and accelerate their growth. The president of Ned Steele's MediaImpact, he is the author of 102 Publicity Tips To Grow a Business or Practice. To learn more visit or call 212-243-8383.

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