The Power Of Giving

1.Why give away what you could sell?

That's a fair enough sort of question. If you write an
ebook or report then surely you should be paid for your
sharing your knowledge with others.

But if you put a price on your work, especially if you are
not yet recognized as an expert in your field, you will
probably find your work being overlooked.

Why not make it freely available to anyone who might be
interested in your topic of expertise & promote yourself
in the resource box you put at the bottom of your report.

Allow it to be reprinted as long as your resource box is

2.What do you give away?

Take a look around your website. What is your expertise?
Use your knowledge to create an article or report you know
your clients would love.

Write a "How to" article or "5 steps to" article. As long
what you give away helps or solves a problem for someone,
it will help you to get established in your field.

An Ebook can be a great way to send a message. Ebooks don't
have to be 4 or 500 pages long. It can be as short as 5,
it's up to you. Make it long enough to say what you need
without filling it with a load of waffle.

Don't forget to promote yourself with a resource box
somewhere in your work.

3.Where do you give it away?

Start a newsletter & write your own articles for it. To
have fresh original content is the best way to build a
subscriber base.

Post your articles on your own website for your guests to
read. As you write more articles keep adding them as fresh
content to keep your guests returning.

There are many websites you can list your work on.
Webmasters who are searching for content for their own
site will use your work in exchange for your resource box
being left at the bottom of the work.

4.Putting it all together.

Write an article or report. Sign it with a resource box.
Use it in your newsletter, your website & let others use
it as well.

Every web site it appears on will link back to your own
site. If readers like what they read they will follow the
link to your site. These same links will also help your
search engine rankings & increase the popularity if your

The more you write & the better you get will only see more
people following your links to your site. That in turn
exposes your products to more & more people, which in turn
means more & more sales.

That My Friends Is The power Of Giving!

Jamie Ritchie
Author of The PTP Newsletter
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