One Woman?s Story of How Her Smile Increased Her Confidence

For one who takes pride in being involved with different community organizations, possessing a high level of confidence is essential. Especially when that involvement includes speaking to large and small groups requesting donations for numerous non-profit organizations.

Such is the case with Teresa Bock, Assistant Vice President of Wells Fargo Bank's Olympus Hills Office in Salt Lake City. Not only is confidence a key to her success with all the community work she does, it is vital in her professional position.

When one first meets Teresa, they encounter a woman who is constantly smiling. This wasn't always the case. Before marrying media personality Tom Bock, Teresa overcame numerous obstacles in her life.

At age seven, Teresa became completely deaf in her right ear due to Scarlet Fever. During that same period she lost most of the hearing in her left ear. Teresa has so beautifully conquered the command of her ability to communicate, most people would have no idea she is a master lip reader unless she tells them.

Another obstacle Teresa overcame was her struggle to make ends meet with two small children from a previous marriage. With food and shelter as a priority there were many things that were put on the back burner until they became absolutely necessary. Things like visits to a dentist. During those trying times dental visits were strictly for emergency and maintenance purposes. Although Teresa secretly desired a smile that would turn heads, with the incredible financial pressures that come with being a single mom, she wondered if obtaining a beautiful smile would ever be within reach.

With a strong drive to succeed, Teresa began her career in banking in 1987 as a teller. Taking on her career challenges with the same zest that she took on her physical challenges, Teresa found opportunities to move up in the banking industry as well as continue her involvement with non-profit organizations. During her employment, she learned that Wells Fargo has an ongoing commitment to giving back to the community. Seeing an opportunity to develop a career and contribute to her community, Teresa knew she had found a great match for her life's passions.

It was during this time she met Tom Bock. What started out as two single parents enjoying each other's company blossomed into love and marriage. In 2000, they married, bringing together a combined family of five children eight grandchildren. A strong tie for their marriage is love and respect for their individual interests and the fact both Tom and Teresa are actively involved in giving back to the community.

Not being one to settle for giving her energy to one organization, Teresa has been involved with Ballet West, Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company, Living Planet Aquarium, Audiologist Association, NAWBO (National Association of Women Business Owners) and various Chamber of Commerce organizations. She is absolutely convinced that being able to communicate both in one-on-one and public situations is critical to achieving the greatest outcome when it relates to raising money for an organization.

Not one to let go of her dreams, Teresa was also convinced that an improved smile would directly impact her confidence level. Although she had the desire to have her smile cosmetically improved, the cost was still a huge consideration.

What first sparked Teresa's interest in a smile makeover were pictures of people who didn't have obvious black lines near their gum lines. She also had a distinct taste of aluminum in her mouth. Having been to countless dentists over the years not one of them ever took time to explain what this was about. That is until she was introduced to Dr. Scott Kiser.

Teresa was referred to Dr. Kiser by a friend. She was so confident in his recommendations she didn't bother with a second opinion even though he recommended she do so. She knew he was fair and would do the right thing.

When Teresa decided to invest in her smile makeover, Dr. Kiser showed her how to make it possible. He helped her to figure out the best way to move forward and help her fulfill her dream. Not only did Dr. Kiser address all of Teresa's questions and concerns about her dental care, he showed her that with a good plan, her dream of a beautiful smile was well within reach.

As with many accomplishments in Teresa's life, she had to develop a plan of action to determine how to afford what she wanted. One of the first things she did was to prioritize. First, she determined where she could cut spending. Secondly, she participated in the Wells Fargo Healthcare Spending Account. The program allows for having a portion of one's paycheck put aside for various healthcare costs. Depending on the program, the monies can be used for vision, medical and/or dental fees. These programs allow you to set aside a specific pretax dollar amount to be used for unreimbursed healthcare expenses. Many employers now offer healthcare spending programs in their employee benefit packages.

"If someone thinks they can't afford it they need to ask themselves if they really can afford not to do it. It can change someone's life in ways they never dreamed possible," beams Teresa. "There are always ways to figure out how to afford something if it becomes a great enough priority."

Teresa will be the first to tell you that once she made the decision to move forward, things seemed to magically fall into place. She will also tell anyone who wants to know that her Smile Makeover is one of the best investments she ever made.

As she suspected, once she had an improved smile, her confidence rose incredibly. She found she was more willing to smile when talking to people and any insecurity she had about what people thought of her smile completely disappeared. She also found her confidence when speaking to groups greatly increased.

Teresa has been so pleased with her results she always refers people to Dr. Kiser. Many of Teresa and Tom Bock's friends are patients of Dr. Kiser.

Although she didn't always realize the importance of a great dental care provider, today she will be the first to admit you have to find someone you can trust. Someone who really cares about their patients and won't rush through an appointment.

"When I visit Dr. Kiser I feel like I am the only person that matters. And when it comes to my dental care, that's the way it should be. I didn't always believe that but today I know I deserve that kind of treatment."

Teresa also appreciates the commitment and care of the Smiles Dentistry staff. Teresa knows their staff is the best around. With state of the art equipment and décor that is extremely pleasing, she knows the investment Dr. Kiser has made to create an atmosphere that will be appreciated by even the most discriminating tastes.

"They really care about each patient. The first encounter one has is with Vicki. Whether they meet Vicki over the phone or in the front office, it is an incredibly positive experience. Complimented by Vicki's "can do" attitude is an overall atmosphere that is beyond compare."

"There are people in my life who never knew me before I had my smile makeover. Shock is often the response I get when they look at before and after pictures. Just to see their reaction makes me realize how great an investment Dr. Kiser's work has been. Without a doubt, it is one of the best investments I have ever made. I will reap the benefits for years to come. It is such a great feeling when someone will comment on what a beautiful smile I have. I cannot begin to tell you what it has done to improve the quality of my life."

"To Dr. Kiser and his entire team, I thank you from the bottom of my heart."

About Dr. Scott Kiser

Dr. Scott Kiser has been practicing general dentistry in Salt Lake City, Utah for over 20 years. Dr. Kiser has used only mercury-free substances in his treatments since the mid 90's and concentrates his practice in the areas of sedation dentistry and complete smile makeovers. Consumer Research Council of American selected him as Utah's Top Cosmetic Dentist of 2003 ? 2004. Visit for your FREE online Great Smiles Newsletter.

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