Vacation Rental Homes in Orlando: What to Look for and to Avoid

So you’ve decided to stay away from major hotels and resorts while going on your vacation to Orlando because of the seemingly sky-high cost of staying there. But where should you stay instead? At a villa for the whole family? Or in condos, but those things can get pretty expensive as well. But there are other options to consider, because vacation rental homes in Orlando can reduce cost while not reducing any of the fun factor while you’re there.

Housing Units available

There are rental homes to be found all over Orlando. A quick check with some booking agencies and property management companies can reveal some very interesting homes for you to stay in while you’re in Orlando for your vacation trip. And the good thing about this is that they don’t have to be glorified shacks either, some very nice houses are up for rent, built just for the purpose of accommodating tourists, especially those on long vacations to the city of Orlando.

Since this is a whole house that you’ll be renting while going to Orlando, you can get pretty much everything that you want in a luxury hotel room, like multiple bedrooms that you can sleep in, living room, game room and kitchen, which are always valuable things to consider when looking for a place to stay. Although of course you won’t get luxuries like 24/7 room service, but you probably won’t be using that anyway. There are even driveways in each house so that you have a place to park the car you brought or rented.

Location is everything

You don’t want to spend much time traveling back and forth from tourist attractions and returning to your rental home, that’s for sure. Property management companies know this as well and they have homes that are within a few minutes away from Disney, so you can spend less time getting there and more time having fun.

You can also find that these homes just have a little bit of a price premium compared to others located farther away from where you want to go. This is sometimes more than enough to offset the travel expenses that come with farther locations. This can also be another point of savings when it comes to traveling expenses in terms of money and time, because you’ll spend less getting to places and more time seeing sights and having fun.

Pricing and availability

With these homes going for as low as $120 a night, and having standard amenities far from what you call shabby, a rental home is a good bargain to be had. Considering that the entire family will be staying in one house, this can be cheaper compared to staying at a hotel. Availability also varies because units are being rented all the time, so check if you can find a good deal in terms of price and location, and book early so that you have plenty of time to shop around.

Standard amenities like TVs, nice beds, furniture, and other items included in renting homes can be pretty good for such an inexpensive deal. As well as that, you can also keep the kids entertained during vacation downtime with the available game consoles in the houses (included standard in most), and have a wonderful time staying in vacation rental homes in Orlando.


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