The Orlando Overview

Orlando is definitely the place to be. From the breathtaking views and well-known recreational spots that people from all sorts and ages are surely going to enjoy, this part of America is undeniably its “Family Fun Capital”.

As excitement and wonder probably conquers our system before reaching this wonderful destination, it is a good start for a vacation to take a good glimpse of some travel tips that will make your stay in Orlando a very enjoyable and memorable experience.

Health And Safety

Home to the famous Walt Disney World, and other theme parks, Orlando is surely one place jam-packed with kids. For parents traveling with their little ones, or perhaps companions who have health limitations, it is always best to know the necessary information that will help you keep a safe and fun travel.

Usually, it is during the month of May wherein lower humidity and less rainfall are experienced in the place. Thus, making it the best time to come and visit the beautiful vacation spots in Orlando. However, summertime means a lot of exposure to the sun therefore, it is advisable to put on a strong sunscreen preferably a factor of 30 upwards to avoid getting sunburns.

And always remember to always bring along water and drink lots of it to prevent from getting dehydrated. It is also important to have with you antihistamines or decongestants or other important medications just in case they will come handy.


The public transportation of Orlando is known as the LYNX. It is a public bus system serving the entire Central Florida. The bus stops are marked by a round sign with a pink paw or bus symbol in it. The standard bus fare is just about $1.50 for each person.

There is also another bus system that LYNX offers and this one offers a free ride within Orlando’s downtown. It is called the LYMMO.

Furthermore, there are also i-Trolleys which service the International Drive making them mostly geared towards tourists.

Places to go

The trip should begin by visiting the well-known Walt Disney World. A 121 square km resort and almost a city in its own, the Disney World has four theme parks and a number of other attractions.

The International Drive, where both the SeaWorld Adventure Park and Universal Orlando Resort are located, is another main attraction that tourists should come and visit. The resort has two theme parks with an entertainment/dining/shopping district in it. Just within the area there are other attractions too and these include the Ripley’s Believe It or Not museum, the Skull Kingdom and the Wet n’ Wild water park.

There are also restaurants and shops situated in the premises. Just about south is Kissimmee, a place of natural diversions. They offer horse-riding, fishing, golf, hiking and even airboat rides.

Indeed, Orlando is a city which is built on lots of theme parks. It is truly the family entertainment capital not only of America but perhaps, of the world. Drawing more than forty million visitors per year, it contributed a huge growth in the business industry of the place from hotels to restaurants and shops and smaller-scale attractions are now starting to flourish.

And with the high-tech industries starting to establish their own companies in this young city, its downtown area is gradually becoming one major cultural center.


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