Pros and Cons Choosing Between Orlando Villas and Hotels

You’re probably not decided as to where exactly you’ll be staying while on vacation in Orlando during the initial planning stages of your vacation trip. And choosing between renting a villa and staying at a hotel can be downright confusing sometimes because of the advantages and disadvantages of both. But there can be some major differences that you can use as the primary bases to decide where to stay in while in Orlando.

Houses and Villas for rent in Orlando

There are housing units available for rent to tourists, ranging from modest houses enough for a small family to stay in, up to luxurious villas with multiple bedrooms that can accommodate enough of a group in a single go, like a mini hotel all your own. The main thing about it is that you have no other people to share your accommodation and facilities with, unlike hotels wherein you have to coexist with your fellow vacationers while they’re also enjoying the use of hotel facilities. This can be a nice draw for you if you want to have quiet accommodations while on your vacation downtime.

In terms of luxury, you don’t have to pick a hotel over villas because you can also get pools, big screen TVs, and other extravagant items with your vacation villa. As well as that, you can also get other nice options like a cleaning lady to handle the housekeeping while you’re there, and as well as that, you also have the option to rent out your villa for extended stays, ensuring you’ll have its use while you’re there.

Staying in a hotel while in Orlando

On the other end, if you don’t want to think about anything while you’re there, you can choose instead to book a hotel during your vacation trip. The advantage of staying in a hotel or a resort for your vacation is that you won’t have to bother with cleaning up for a nice environment or taking time out to have your clothes in for laundry.

Hotels and resorts usually have complementary housekeeping for their guests as well as laundry services so that you can just chuck your clothes in the hamper chute and have them delivered right to your door clean and neatly pressed. This can really be a big relief for those who want to have fun 100% of the time.

You can also forget about housekeeping because there is always a scheduled housekeeping routine every week. Luxuries like 24/7 room service are also standard at hotels, and you can also have your meals at the hotel itself. There is also usually a continental or buffet breakfast at most hotels, so no worries about where you’re going to eat out.

In terms of location and travel, hotels are at an immediate advantage because they have better travel arrangements to and from the hotel compound. Shuttle services are available if you’ve arranged for a hotel reservation beforehand so that you can be taken immediately to your hotel upon arrival at the airport.

Using location as a standpoint, there are hotels located in the popular theme parks like Disney World or Universal, so you don’t have to venture far to arrive where you’ll want to go during the day or night.

But, wherever you choose to go, you’ll know that you’re better informed so that you know that you made the right choice for your family’s accommodations.


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