What Diet is Ideal for People Suffering from Kidney Stones

Indeed, there is no more effective means of fighting any disease but proper diet. Many experts agree that having the right diet is one of the keys in treating and preventing common diseases such as kidney stones. This is because is there is controlled diet, people can choose not to consume foods that can lead to the faster formation and faster growth—in the cases of those who already have kidney stones.

Kidney stones refer to the salts and other minerals formed in the vital organs such as kidneys, ureters, and bladder. There are a large percentage of people who can be prone to this because these stones tend to form naturally. However, not all kidney stones should be neglected because they can cause extremely uncomfortable pangs of pain and can even result to more complicated related diseases.

How can diet help

Specialists in the field of medicine would agree that the easiest way to fight kidney stones is by having a diet that is balanced and appropriate for age. This is because having a balanced diet would not ensure that one is getting all the key nutrients he or she needs but also assures them that they will have lesser chances of developing diseases such as kidney stones.

For people who are suffering from kidney stones, experts advise them to take specific preventive measures in preventing kidney stones as early as now. This is because the earlier the possible causes are prevented the greater chances of having kidney stones risks. Here are suggestions when it comes to diet to lessen the chances of having kidney stones:

- increased fluid intake. This is quite effective in fighting kidney stones because if you have enough amount of liquid in your body, it can wash away toxins and flush then out from the body. Increasing fluid intake, especially water, is the simplest yet most effective way of fighting kidney stones because it can help you keep hydrated while leaving your system clean. The ideal water intake should be 8 glasses but since people with kidney stones need more to flush out salts and other minerals in the body, 10 to 12 glasses is recommended daily.

- controlled sodium intake. Too much salt or sodium is one of the primary causes of kidney stones because it increases the calcium levels present in the person's urine. Doctors advise people with calcium stones to cut down or totally eliminate sodium intake from the foods that they eat. This is because too much salt intake will only make the condition more complicated and may also cause other related diseases.

- higher the intake of fiber-rich foods. Fiber is considered beneficial to people with kidney stones because it contain several compounds—mostly are phytate—that guards the kidney against the formation of stones. Experts say that people who are suffering from kidney stones and those who would want to be spared from it should increase their calcium intake coming from the foods they eat such as wheat, rice bran and soybeans.

More and more experts agree that along with early diagnosis, eating the right set of foods is very crucial in keeping one's self away from kidney stones. For those who are already suffering from this condition, all the more that they need to pay attention to their diet because this directly affects the degree or severity of the kidney stones.


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