How Do You Treat Kidney Stones

How do you treat kidney stones? This depends on its severity so it may or may not involve surgery. The good news is that 90% of the time, your body will be able to expel the stones on its own. But what if you are one of the unfortunate who belong to that 10%?

Should that happen, then your doctor will have to recommend surgery. This procedure may be the only option if the size of the kidney stones is too big which means they cannot get out of your body through the bladder. If you do undergo surgery immediately, you will experience constant pain or cause complications like kidney tissue damage or UTI also known as urinary tract infection.

There are 4 procedures that can help get rid of kidney stones.

There is ESWL or extracorporeal shockwave lithotripsy. In this procedure, a device that produces non-electrical shock waves is used to turn the kidney stones inside your body into sand. You donít lie down in an operating table for this because this is done in a tub filled with warm or purified water.

The second option is PNL or percutaneous nephrolithotomy. This is done when the first option is not successful. The procedure begins by making a small incision in your back so a tunnel can be created all the way to your kidney. An instrument known as a nephroscope will then go in to remove the stone. If this instrument cannot do the job, an energy probe will be used and there are currently two types namely the ultrasonic and the electro hydraulic.

Third, the doctor may recommend ureteroscopic stone removal. This procedure is done by using a small fiber optic instrument that travels through the urethra and bladder to reach the ureter. Once the instrument is in position, it will emit a shockwave to destroy the stone.

The last option which is the oldest of the 4 is open surgery. The doctor will cut you open and remove the kidney stone. To make sure that all the kidney stones are collected during the operation, you may first be injected with a solution consisting of calcium chloride, cyroprecipitate, thrombin and indigo carmine so it will be easy to remove using the forceps.

Even if surgery is successful, kidney stones can once again appear in the body. To prevent this from happening, you should now take preventive measures.

The simplest way is to drink 6 to 8 glasses of water a day which is about 3 liters as this will make your urine look clear instead of yellow.

Some dietary changes may also be recommended. You donít have to stop eating certain foods but simply limit your consumption on items like apples, black pepper, chocolate, coffee, cheese, grapes, ice cream, oranges, tomatoes and yogurt.

The same goes for fish, meat or poultry products because it helps increase your uric acid. Since kidney failure has been associated with alcohol consumption, you should also cut this down as well.

You can treat kidney stones the hard way or the easy way and you donít get to decide how this will be done. Sadly, we only learn our lesson when it is too late so you should be thankful if you donít have to go under the knife.


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