Types of International Internships

To serve as a guide on international internships, it is important that you know the different types of international internships. Each type has its own positive and negative sides. However, picking out one would entirely be up to you.

Study Abroad Internships

The first kind of international program are study abroad internships. These are usually coupled with semester study abroad curriculums and can offer you the chance to learn more about the placeís local culture. This can be done through placing you in a position with a local business or organization, while at the same time taking academic courses that are credited for your degree.

The benefit in getting into this kind of program is that you can still continue your studies even though you are undergoing internship. Unlike in other international programs, all you would have to do is work for some company abroad. Here, you have part-time internship and part-time schooling.

Volunteer Internship Programs

Another type is the volunteer internship. This kind usually differs from traditional internship by letting you directly work with a group of people who have underserved needs.

However, you should not confuse it with strictly volunteering. A volunteer internship program usually involve some kind of reflective or academic component that allows you to contemplate on how your volunteer work is related to your field of study.

One example of this kind of volunteer program is Cross Cultural Solutions, which is a nonprofit organization that can place you on project sites in Southeast Asia, Latin America, and even Africa for duration of 3-12 weeks.

You can choose one of from the three areas. The kind of work usually focuses on education, health and social services. During the program, you get to work with their staff to discuss your learning goals from the program.

Direct Internships With International Organizations

Getting a direct internship from an international organization is similar to having one with a local organization. However, this kind of internship is usually the most difficult to identify. This is because they are conventionally not part of a formal program. However, if you are looking for an economical international internship, then this option would be the best for you.

Internship Programs and Exchanges

This kind of program is quite similar to a study abroad program; by the way it is conducted. The main difference however, is that the core of your whole experience is concentrated outside your classroom.

There are program providers that can support international internships by offering an array of services like placements abroad for internship positions, accommodation, and even cultural activities. However, most of the time these program providers charge a fee for the services they offer.

This kind of internship is usually managed by an organization. It would typically require you some kind of local participation with the exchange organization that maybe related to a specific field.

One example of an international internship exchange program would be The International Association for the Exchanges of Students with Technical Experience (IAESTE). This is an international organization that coordinates practical training exchange programs for local chapter members of more over 90 countries worldwide.

However, to become a candidate for internship, you should be an active member of the local organization.

Now you know the different types of international internships, you can start deliberating on which type you think would do you good. There are a lot of different programs for each type; you can research most of them on the Internet. Each program can offer a different experience from another. Itís all up to you which one you think is the best.


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