High School Internships For Computer Sciences

High school internships are now widely available in different fields of interests. One field that is very open to having high school interns are fields that are related to computers. One good example is the internship program that Microsoft offers. However, there are still other companies that offer this kind of program, all you have to do is look.

Benefits Of Getting Into A High School Internship Program For Computer Sciences

Getting into this kind of high school internship can bring you lots of fun. With these kinds of programs, you can create a lot of cool things. They can also take you places where youíve never been before. Most importantly, you can get a one of a kind experience out of it. You will also have the chance to stretch out your skills in different directions and bring your talents to a higher level.

Their Purpose

Most companiesí purpose for giving out high school internships is to provide high school students like you some exposure to technology. This is also one way for them to find new promising talents and prodigies. So if you think that you have exceptional talent in programming or any other kind of skill with computers, getting into an internship program would definitely be for you. However, you still donít have to be a genius to get into one. As long as you have a knack for it, then go!

General Qualifications

Generally, computer companies would only require high school students to have sufficient experience with word processing, e-mail, and an established passion for technology. If you have any programming experiences with Visual Basic or HTML then the better. Sometimes, they also have special requirements such as being a high school student in a certain district or area, which is usually the same area where the company holds the program.

Most companiesí recruiting efforts for programs like these are usually directed to provide outreach for organizations and schools that are serving underrepresented minorities, such as African American, Hispanic, and American Indian; individuals with disabilities; young women; and those students that come from families that are economically disadvantaged.

Some other general qualifications would be being a Junior/Senior high school student or the equivalent. Minimum age for programs is usually at least 16, and being a permanent resident or a US citizen is often required. However, qualifications still vary depending on the company that you are applying for. Some of them may or may not have special qualifications other than those mentioned above.

How Long?

Most high school internships in the field of computers usually last for about eight to ten weeks. You would usually have a load of forty hours per week. The durations that companies allot for these kinds of programs are usually long enough for you to get involved in a project and make a contribution with your team.

These programs are also usually held over the summer. They usually start on the latter part of June and end during August. There are other companies that may have high school internship programs during fall or winter breaks.

So, if you think you would want to have a future career in the field of computers, programming, graphic design and any other related field, then try getting a high school internship in the field of computers now!


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