Top Five Tips For Preparing On Your Internship Interview

During your hunt for an internship, you would have to undergo several interviews, depending on how many companies you have applied to and how many of them have scheduled you for one. Undergoing this process can be an intimidating one, even if you have had many of them or not.

Nonetheless, as long as you are very much prepared for whatever may come, thereís really no reason why you canít use your nerves for your advantage in helping you improve your performance. So, here are the top five tips that you should know to prepare for your interview.

Remember To Prepare

Just as with anything you do, preparation is one step that you should never skip. Even though you may seem clueless with whatever may come up during your interview proper, you can still do some handy preparations that can be applicable in any kind of interview.

One thing to remember is that even though this is only an internship interview, you should treat it as if it is a real job interview. That is why you should be prepared in a somewhat similar manner.

Know Your Company

It is also very important that you research about the company first before heading for the interview. You should also know the nature of the internship position that you are applying for. Doing some research on things like these can help you make certain that your answers to any of the interview questions regarding the company and the position are appropriate.

Be Active, Ask Questions!

You should also prepare a list of some questions that you might want to ask during the interview to your employer. Most employers like seeing their interviewee having an active interest on the whole interview process and the position itself. Deliberate on the questions that you want to ask. Make sure they are relevant to the job and not personal ones.

Donít Be A Corpse

Nobody likes the feeling of as if talking to a corpse or the wall. So as much as possible, be reactive. However, try not to give only blank stares, nods or smiles as responses. Speak up, but not too much. If you have anything you want to say, always keep it short and simple. Do not beat around the bush anymore. Be alert and take heed on everything that your interviewer is saying.

Remember, this is an interview, meaning it is a two-way communication for you and your interviewer. If he or she asks you something, answer it as clearly as possible that you can.

If you are the type of person who has a hard time maintaining a conversation with another for a long time, or may feel conscious with one-on-one interviews, then you can try practicing on the mirror or with a friend, just to get the whole feel of the scenario.

Know Where You Are Going

Even days before your interview, you should try visiting the vicinity or the area and look for the building where you will be having the interview. Be sure that you know where exactly you are supposed to go and what time you should be there. Try to calculate already your travel time. It would be better if you can provide allowances, so that incase traffic is bad or you get lost, you can still arrive on time.

You will get a really bad impression if you show up late just because you got lost on your way. Lastly, be sure that you have and know the name of the person whom you will be asking for. Knowing which department he or she is from can be helpful too.


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