A Medical Intuitive Look at Past Life Wounding

In my work as a Medical Intuitive, I come across many instances where a client's past lives are impacting their current physical and emotional health.

I do not think that our spirit essence endlessly progress from one life to the next without having other options between lives. My thoughts are more aligned with the research performed by a remote viewer. His name is Lyn Buchanan. In his book The Seventh Sense, he describes remote viewing sessions he did on what happened to people's souls after they died. What he found was really interesting. Some people seemed to return to their families of origin, spending time with deceased loved ones. Others appeared to merge with the Light, an all-encompassing, blinding energy that could be said to be God or a higher dimension. Others went to a very dark place, a place so dark it lacked color, substance, or any familiar shape or form. It was "the void," perhaps what is commonly thought of as hell. And other souls he viewed seemed to be born again into different bodies on the physical plane, often with a brief break of a decade or more between incarnations.

One of the most interesting things that Buchanan found was that some souls appeared to journey backwards in time. For instance a person who had died in 1995 could come back to a physical life, however it would be in a past time. This goes along with quantum realities which state that past, present and future all exist simultaneously. Buchanan talks of seeing many modern day souls reincarnating into a past period like the 1800's.

Certainly in my work I have come across people who just don't fit in the modern world. Their physical body is the contemporary one; however their energy wiring is very different.

In working with these clients, I have learned that the world of spirit shows us things about past lives on a "need to know" basis, only revealing information if it pertains to issues we're working through in our current life.

Healing Past Life Wounds

In the medical intuitive work with clients, I've discovered that past life death wounds leave terrible scars on the energy body. The energy body is a holographic, four-dimensional field that contains all of the information about what that spirit has experienced in various lives. While the pleasant memories are there, the traumatic ones are also.

With some persons, the death wounding suffered from a past life will make itself present in the current body of the person. One of my clients was killed by gassing in a former life, and in this present life she has a serious problem with breathing and is very sensitive to odors.

© 2005 Christopher Stewart

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