There is an inherent generosity in the human spirit to be of help, to be of service to others. What is it that makes us decide to be of service. What is it that inspires us and encourages us to be of support to others? What is it that makes you want to serve others.

The dictionary describes service as "work done for, and benefit given to another; an act of kindness." As an Interfaith Minister, I have studied the world religions and found the common thread in all religions is The Golden Rule. Treat each other in the exact manner in which you would like to be treated.

His Holiness, The Dalai Lama says, "My religion as very simple; "my religion is kindness." After the events of the past year, I believe it is kindness that will help the world return to a more loving place. Kindness is what will bring us back to feeling safe and loved and loving.

Thoughtful communication, loving words and feelings of unity are kindness in action. Being kind inspires us to be more loving, which in turn inspires us and leads us to be of service to others. When we are being of service because it is our heart's desire, things come to us in a very loving way. Spirit shows up for the task at hand. When spirit is at hand, all tasks become easier.

When our focus is on helping, our minds move away from fear and problems to a place of peace and clarity. There is no place where love and fear can exist simultaneously, so if peace is your goal, you must find a place to share your kindness and service as then watch how things change.

One way to do this is to bring to mind one who has made an important contribution to your life ? anyone who actually made you feel loved and supported. When you feel loved and supported, then you can easily go forward to be of service in the world ? no matter what form it takes. Being of service happens naturally as you live and express gratitude for all that has been given you.

I'm sure you have experienced loving thoughts and deeds from others many times. Remember how it felt. The greatest gift you can offer anyone is kindness and full appreciation. When we are kind and take the time to be grateful, then God rushes in with more. This is the way in which we move forward to help others in a very kind and rich manner.

With gratitude in my heart, I bless you all today with a heart full of kindness, a mind full of gratitude, and a joyful spirit to nurture yourself by nurturing others. Teach and nourish our children with lovingkindness. This is the way in which we celebrate all that is good and true and beautiful in the world. God Bless You.

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About The Author

Reverend Sue Borg has been teaching and speaking on spiritual truths for almost 20 years. Her humor and delight have impacted hundreds of individuals seeking to find "a better way." Reverend Sue has a profound awareness of human potential through "simple truth." Many individuals have experienced spiritual freedom and increased peace of mind by participating in the retreats, seminars and study groups she has conducted. She also does spiritual counseling on a personal level.

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