When You See Money as a Tool in Your Goal Setting Process, You Will Lead a More Balanced Life

Where Does Money Fit In the Goal Setting Process?

Some view money as the most important tool in goal setting. Others consider making money as their primary goal, in spite of everything else. When you see money as one of the tools in your overall goal setting process, you will not lose sight of having balanced goals, and therefore you will lead a more contented life.

"Money makes the world go round" is a great song...

There is a lot of truth in the words of that song, especially when we consider the society we live in today. But, as Dr Joseph Murphy said, "No one on this deathbed wishes he had spent more time making money!", when you view money as a tool, your outlook on life changes.

Following a balanced goal setting process is a lot more than focusing all your energies on the accumulation of money only. Often, those who focus all their energies on accumulating wealth, lead unhappy, worrisome lives.

I certainly do not advocate having a carefree attitude towards money, but rather a realistic and practical one.

Just one area where money has no value...

Money cannot buy friendship

True friends are rare jewels. They can make you smile and encourage you to succeed with your goals. Friends often lend an ear, share a word of praise, and they are usually there with open hearts to support us.

Friendship is a wonderful and valuable emotion.

It is undeniable that we need friends. We share our interests with friends, and when we reach a milestone with our goals, we feel good sharing this with a friend. When we have a bad day, encouraging words from a friend can uplift us, and make us forget the bad things.

Without a friend, we feel lonely and empty.

We can learn from friends. This is a benefit in that our lives are enriched, and we can develop in areas otherwise not considered.

The value of true friendship is immeasurable, and certainly not something with a monetary value. There is nothing like a compliment or "pat on the back" to raise our spirits.

The reality of money as a goal setting tool

Undeniably, money is a requirement in any goal setting process. Whether your goal is further study, you will need money; money for the tuition, the textbooks, the exam fees, etc. If you want to improve your relationship, you will need money; money for taking your loved one out, money for holidays, money for gifts, and so on.

But you will notice from the above examples, that money is only a PART of the goal - it is a tool that is used in the successful completion of the goal. It is not the main goal.

I leave you with this.

Your money can...
buy a bed, but not sleep.
buy a clock, but not time.
buy a book, but not knowledge.
buy a position, but not respect.
buy you medicine, but not health.
buy you blood, but not life.
buy you sex, but not love.

Money is not everything. Utilize money as a tool in your goal setting process, and you will lead a more balanced and contented life - this I guarantee.

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