Perché : Why Learn to Speak Italian?

According to the SAT College Board in 2002, the standardized test results showed that students who have focused on foreign language studies routinely achieve among the highest scores in all the subjects that were tested. Students are studying to learn to speak Italian, German, Spanish, French and other languages.

According to Fondazione Italia, California- based non-profit organization dedicated to bringing the Italian language to schools, Italian language classes are experiencing increases in the their enrolment numbers. High schools and colleges in the United States are enrolling 15 to 20 percent more students in Italian compared to Spanish, German and French.

Italian is a language developed from Latin and an estimated 60 percent of the English vocabulary also comes from Latin. Knowing Italian may help improve the students scores in English.

Students who are leaning foreign language build stronger vocabulary skills in English, a better understanding of the language, and improved literacy in general. Higher reading achievement in the native language as well as enhanced listening skills and memory have been shown to correlate with extended foreign language study.

Also learning another language provides an opportunity to the speaker to get a view and context of the others culture. Without the ability to communicate and understand the culture on its own terms, prevents true access and understanding to the culture. Cultural sensitivity is very important since this is the foundation of trust, understanding, cooperation and unity.

Italy meanwhile is the world leader in music, art history, interior design, furniture design, culinary arts, and several other fields. Those planning a career in such fields benefit greatly from knowing how to speak Italian.

There is an estimated 7,500 American companies that do business with Italy. More than 1,000 United Stated firms have offices in Italy. Knowing how to speak Italian may add a competitive edge to any career that a person may undertake.

Aside from the big influence of learning to speak Italian can bring to your career, this can also lead you to have a great vacation everytime. Italy is one the premiere countries to visit for a romantic vacation get-away.

Italy has more than half of Europe’s Unesco-protected sights and monuments. Historical sites such as museums, sculptures, cathedrals, paintings and much more can be seen in Italy.

Italian is also as the language of the arts and gastronomy, meaning it is the language of skill and food. In the United States, United Kingdom, and even Japan, Italian gives a hint of cultured lifestyle. Italian food is known to be one of the best in the world. Even the majority of the most famous artists are from Italy, that is why art is all over the country. It would be wonderful to look at Michelangelo’s work in a different perspective and read La Divina Commedia as Dante had written it. Opera, food, fashion, art and history will best describe Italy, and leaning the Italian language can help you enjoy these more.

Though travelling is possible without learning the language of every place that you are going to visit, the experience from the vacation will be largely shaped by the ability to see beyond the surface of the culture. Some tourists experience language- barrier to post a somewhat frustrating even a dangerous situation.

Knowledge of the language will help tourists and travellers to have the comfort of being into different kind of situations, like ordering at Italian restaurants, asking for directions, looking for accommodations in Italy, negotiate cheaper prices for souvenirs or items, meet and talk with the natives. It is prevalent in most countries, that locals or natives show appreciation for people or travellers that are trying to learn their language.

Whether it is for travel or economic purposes, studying to learn to speak in Italian would be rewarding and fresh experience.


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