Learning Italian Opera

Italian opera is both the art of opera in Italy and opera in the Italian language. The opera was originally conceived for the activity and recreation of the wealthy aristocrats. Many operas were originally written and performed for royalty and originally seen by few. But their popularity soon grew. Learning Italian opera gives a glimpse of the Italian culture, may it be medieval times or contemporary themes.

Opera was born in Italy at around 1600 and opera continued to play a dominant role in the history until today. Many operas were written by Handel, Gluck, and Mozart. Italian composes such as Rossini, Bellini, Donizetti, Verdi and Puccini written works that are amongst the most famous opera nowadays.

Giacomo Puccini written the greatest Italian opera like Manon Lescaut, La bohème, Tosca, and Madama Butterfly. Turandot and La rondine were both left unfinished. In 2002 Luciano Berio attempted a completion of Turandot. In 1994, another composer, Lorenzo Ferrero completed the La rondine.

Many Italian opera houses built during the Middle Ages until the Enlightenment still exist today, and most of them still hold performances. The Italian opera season begins late in October and some seats have been purchased years ahead of time. Here are several opera houses that tourists, opera fans may visit:

1. Teatro La Fenice in Venice, is one of the most famous theaters in Europe. La Fenice first opened in 1792 but was twice badly damaged by fire, it was renovated and reopened.

2. Teatro Alla Scala is Milan's famous opera house. It reopened in 2004 after an intensive renovation. The original opera house was designed by Giuseppe Piermarini and opened in 1778La Scala was badly bombed during World War II but reopened in 1946. it became one of the top opera houses, unfortunately one thing is missing. Andrei Bocceli has not yet performed on this opera house due to stage fright.

3. Teatro San Carlo is the oldest opera house in Italy established in 1737. It can be found in Naples. Opera, ballet, and short comic opera are still performed here.

4. Teatro Massimo in Palermo is the foremost opera house in Sicily as well as one of the finest in Europe. Year-round performances include opera, ballet, and music.

5. Teatro Comunale di Bologna is one of the top theaters in Italy. It is a stunning example of 18th century baroque architecture.

6. Teatro Verdi in Pisa is one of the most beautiful theaters in central Italy.

7. Teatro Regio di Parma is built in 1829. Parma holds opera, dance, and drama performances as well as concerts and special events.

8. Teatro Regio Torino isTurin's prominent opera house, in Piazza Castello, was rebuilt in 1973. The original 19th century theater was destroyed by fire in 1936.
9. Teatro dell'opera di Roma held opera and dance performances in the summer in the ancient Baths of Caracalla. This provides a spectacular view of the stars.

10. Arena di Verona’s opera season starts in June but there are other performances during the year.

Italian opera had played a significant role in the creation of opera. Without Italy’s influence, opera would be completely difference is music, style and performance. Opera has been formed from the beginning by Italy’s characteristics and has continued to influence music until today.

Learning Italian opera opens different windows of musical possibilities. Listening is never enough.


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