Workplace Safety – Safety Equipment Your Employees Shouldn’t Work Without

The following equipment keeps your workplace free from accidents and the members of your organization safe:

Smoke detectors
Smoke detectors provide the first line of defense in case of fire. These, when activated through smoke, will signal the fire alarm system to kick in.

Smoke detectors don’t cost much. You can get these for as low as $7 per piece and save yourself a lot of loss and troubles in return. Install these little functional gadgets on very floor of your office or establishment to ensure that every section of your office is protected against damaging fires.

Pay particular attention to the installation and regular testing or smoke detectors in the workplace. Regularly check the smoke detectors to guarantee that they are working properly.

Fire Extinguishers
Fire extinguishers are critical safety components in any workplace area. While most fire extinguishers remain unused for many years, these can potentially save properties and lives.

Fire extinguishers should be installed on every floor of the establishment, including the kitchen, storage, area, basement, parking lot, lobby, and others in areas where they are visible and accessible. There are several different kinds of fire extinguisher, so be sure to pick the right one for a particular area. Class A extinguishers are meant to put out fires involving ordinary combustibles. Class B extinguishers are made for flammable liquids such as kerosene and oils. And, Class C extinguishers are made to put out fires that involve electrical wires.

It is very important that you always have the fire extinguishers checked for their expiration dates. You don’t want to compromise the safety of your employees and equipment because of an expired extinguisher. Most of these products are only good for one year so be sure to have them replaced regularly.

First Aid and Emergency Kits
Never underestimate the value of simple safety tools like emergency kits and fair aid kits. These can save people who are in danger, and sometimes, even lives.

Always store antibiotics, antibiotic ointment, cold packs, adhesive tapes, bandages, scissors, eyewash, antibacterial hand cleaner, disinfectant, and flashlight in areas where they can be easily accessed. Also, store over-the-counter medications like paracetamol and pain relievers that are commonly administered to patients of headache, dizziness, and ordinary pain.

If there are employees in your organization who have been diagnosed with particular conditions, it is not a bad idea to store patient-specific medications. Also, keep additional supplies of water, warning tape, blankets, and yellow cones in accident-prone areas.

Keep in mind that first aid kits are not to be locked. These should be regularly monitored for expiration date and availability, but should always be available.

Emergency Lighting Equipment
Glow sticks, flash lights, and other emergency lighting tools should always be stocked in the workplace. These are recommended to be stored in exit points in the workplace.

Material Safety Data Sheets
Or MSDSs should be available at all times in the workplace. These contain relevant information about how to respond on common scenarios that affect the safety of people in the workplace.


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