Workplace Safety – Tips To Promote Safety In The Office

Accidents happen in the office, not as frequent compared to the shop floor maybe but when it does, it is just as serious. Tripping, slipping, and falling ranks second to automobile accidents nationwide. Well okay it did not all happen in the office. Accidents of this nature happening in the office are a big part of incidences though. The good part is that most of these are prevented from happening with a few simple tools and reminders.

Keep the walkway clear.
Boxes and bundles, cables, wires and items carelessly piled are tripping hazards. Most times, these are just oops events, other times they are not.

Look before you sit.
Incidents of someone missing the seat often promote silent giggles but this actually could happen to anyone who would not take the time to reach for the chair before sitting down. Leaning back on the chair could end with your back to the floor. This is common to people who are thinking or are trying to reach something, misjudging balance. The person may pick himself or herself up as quietly as possible with nothing serious but an injured ego, sometimes though it does not end up as happily.

Even with all the computerization in the office, filing cabinets are still in much use.
Nothing very wrong here except that filing cabinets are heavy. Opening all drawers of the cabinet at the same time tips the balance of the cabinet towards you. Likewise, leaving a drawer open is a bump waiting to happen.

Don’t read while walking.
No one saved impressive time by reading while walking, yet this is a very common practice dumb and true. If you have to read while walking, be sure that no one is doing the same thing that you do. If you must, do not walk into the direction of the coffee station.

Don’t carry anything higher than your eye level.
Carrying loads higher than the eye level impresses no one. See how people refuse to walk towards you?

Do not run, relax.
Running may save a few seconds, after that you will take a breather for several minutes more.

Refrain from putting anything atop cabinets.
Cabinet drawers are for storing supplies. The top of the drawers is not.

Use the handrails.
Stairway handrails have its reason for being. Use it. People who do not use the handrail tire easy.

Use the elevator whenever necessary.
When carrying loads, wait for the elevator. The stairs are not worth the extra calories that you will burn.

Watch where you step.
Smooth surfaces are not always safe surfaces to step on especially in darkened aisles. Water could be dripping. Be safe. As they used to say, watch your step, this is truer when there is poor lighting.

Don’t eat at your workstation and in front of your computer.
Eating in the workplace saves time. Be sure though that it is not done near computers and other electrical equipment. Accidents caused by water must be avoided at all cost.

Other simple measures that are taken that could go a long way in promoting workplace safety is reporting unsafe conditions, loose steps, burned out lights, defective equipment, overloaded sockets, hay caramba! The list is long. The benefits though are immense.


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