How To Be A Vintage Poster Collector

Collecting vintage posters became popular because there are only a limited number of these posters. Because of this, most vintage posters come with a very expensive price tag. Here are some things that you have to know when becoming a vintage poster collector.

Vintage posters come from various periods. In your search for a vintage poster, you will notice the artistic differences among the different periods. Some of these periods are Art Deco, Modernism, Symbolism and Art Nouveau. These posters also come is various sizes, with different subjects and designs. There are no rules for starting a collection. Your choice would greatly depend in you taste and artistic eye.

Determining the genuineness of a poster can be a hard task, especially for beginners. Also, most vintage posters have undergone some restoration in order to preserve them. Be very careful when people say that a poster is genuine as you might just be looking at a fake copy.

Storage and Preservation
When buying a poster, you might want to consider how the poster was stored and preserved. Vintage posters don't come cheap. If you are buying one that was not taken cared of properly, you might be spending a lot of money to have the poster restored to its original state.

Before starting your collection and to avoid spending too much on preservation, it's wise to research about the different ways that you can take care of your posters. The basic thing that you have to remember when taking care of your posters is to use acid-free materials, whether you are storing or preserving them.

Types of Posters That You Can Collect
There are many types of posters that you can collect. You can choose from movie posters, advertisements, political and affirmation posters. The most popular kinds of poster that people collect are movie and political posters.

Movie Posters
Posters during and before the end of World War 2 are very expensive because these posters are rare finds. Autographed posters are also priced very high, especially when the artists whose autographs are in the poster are already dead. They are considered as expensive and rare collectibles. Be careful when buying autographed posters. The signatures may not be real.

The poster of the movie Metropolis, a 1927 film, was said to be the most expensive movie poster to be sold. The museum in New York has an original copy of this poster. The Australian National Library has two copies. They sold one to a private collector for more than $600,000

Political Posters
A vintage political poster is highly collectible not only because of its price but also because of the value it holds in history. Political posters are also very artistically done that those with a big appetite for arts look for this kind of posters and are ready to pay a high price just to have them.

Posters from North Korea are very expensive because there are only a few of these posters which have reached other parts of the world.

To become a vintage poster collector it's important that you are passionate about the things that you are collecting. You should have a keen eye for distinguishing a fake from a genuine poster. Choose the type of collection you want to start on and have a vintage poster hunt adventure.


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