Why You Must Go Through The Process Of Trademark Name Search

The trademark name search can seem to be a bit overwhelming for you. It is for the reason that an entrepreneur like you will always want a unique name for your product or services and at the same time a clear vision of the success of your business.

A trademark name is likewise very significant for any individual of firm. Remember that it is not only you who has come up with the said product items or services to offer to the public. In reality, there are thousands of you vying for the pedestal in the market. The role of the trademark name then is to hinder any other business or product item from using the same name as it enters the market scene. If it happens, then, it may cause confusion to the buyers.

Once it has been found out that you have violated the trademark law, then, you will face penalties and be forced to change the name of your own business. The legal holder of the name can also be compensated through the payment that you will be required to settle.

Prevent this from Occurring

A sure way to be able to prevent this is by conducting a thorough research and selecting only the name that is still available legally. Your first resort is to turn to the World Wide Web as it will direct you to different websites. There, you can check on the availability of the business name that you intend to use. Just use the most reliable search engine and you can type in the trademark name you prefer and then you will now get directed to the various websites.

The second option is to search the name by that of visiting the website of the United States Patent and Trademark to clear out if the name has already been registered. The website caters to the issuing, recording, as well as enforcing the patents filed all throughout the United States. The site is fairly easy to navigate so you will not have a difficult time. The list of matched keywords will appear on your screen and you can use it for verification purposes.

Why Register a Trademark Name

The primary reason on why a trademark name should be registered is for the sake of acquiring legal protection against any attempt on infringement on the product or business reputation. The easiest way of getting such protection is of course having your trademark name registered.

You surely don't want another company using the same name as yours in its marketing sprees, right? When you know that you are the legal owner and user of the name, it only means one thing. That is, you have the full rights to it and you can sue anybody who tries on any infringement attempt.

The registration of the trademark name is simple and less expensive. To actually ensure that what you are going to use is a legal one that you can call yours, always perform the trademark name search beforehand.


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