Showcasing Eastern Thailand

The country's Eastern Seaboard is actually not located in the east. It mostly faces west and south. The term 'eastern' is attributed to the fact that it is located east of Bangkok, which is considered the central city of the country.

If you are visiting Eastern Thailand, you will find that like the rest of the country, there are plenty of vacation and tourists spots in it. Eastern Thailand is coastal. There is perhaps no other area in the country that has seen much development. What used to be a long stretch of fishing villages have now transformed into Thailand's largest seaport, industrial area, and international beach resort.

The Vietnam War era ushered a new light to the quiet coastal region of Eastern Thailand. It brought to them the overdevelopment that marks the city of Pattaya, the Jewel of the East Coast.

Pattaya is located in the north gulf coast of Eastern Thailand. It is notorious for its beer bars and go-go bars and other seedy places. While this remains the popular image of the area, Pattaya retains some its natural old charms. Local government efforts have reconstructed Pattaya to be at par with Thailand's other resorts. Although it still lacks its old luster, it still invites a few million visitors every year, placing it second next to Bangkok for the number of tourists visiting each year.

Pattaya offers plenty of activities for tourists. From international fine dining to nightlife, there is nothing in here that could make anyone feel bored. It is alive day and night with activity and is simply unrivalled by other beach resorts in the entire Southeast Asia. It offers an extensive selection of attractions that places it in a league of its own. Whereas most destinations in Thailand boast only the natural charms of nature, Pattaya offers a variety of recreational activities. It can be whatever you want it to be.

For people who want to get away from the city feel of Pattaya, Rayong offers the peaceful, quiet haven. It is located some 220 kilometers from Bangkok and is known for its scenic waterfalls and serene coastline. But more than anything else, Rayong is famous for its excellent reputation in seafood products.

Apart from these, Rayong also boasts its main city's attractions. In the city, there are Buddhist shrines and temples that were built some centuries ago. There are out of city attractions, mostly beaches, that provide peaceful seclusion for tourists who would love to get away from the vibrant life of Eastern Thailand.

More famous for its mining and trading industry, Trat is the eastern-most province of Thailand. But Trat, constituting of more than 50 small and large islands, does not lack unspoiled coral reefs and sandy beaches. Like most of Thailand's islands, Trat offers an extensive view of the coast, a perfect getaway for nature lovers.

Because of its mining industry and it geographical location, Trat is for the most parts a shopper's paradise. It has, in fact, more markets than a small area can host. But apart from these, other popular destinations in Trat include ancient royal temples, museums, and national parks.


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