Some Unusual Things You Can Expect When Visiting Thailand

Every country has its own quirks. What is normal to one isnít always necessarily the standard for others. Thailand, as with any other country, has its idiosyncrasies which may or may not appeal to your sensibilities. Either way, be prepared for some usual things that you may encounter while visiting Thailand.

Toilet Paper On The Table
In some parts of the world, the use of table napkins follows some strict rules. Restaurants in Thailand, however, donít bother with not following these formalities. Donít be shocked to see toilet paper on restaurant tables. This seems to be the standard.

Beer With Ice Cubes
Beer drinkers in Thailand take an entirely different treatment of their brew Ė they mix ice cubes with it. Why not? With all the heat and humidity, it is only logical to refresh the drink to keep it from warming up. You may find this a bit unusual initially, but give it a try and you'll see the wisdom in putting ice on your drink.

Insects As Snack
For the squeamish among us, eating insects is nothing less than a nightmare. In Thailand, it is part of the menu. Originally, the habit of eating fried insects is practiced only in the northeastern part of the country, in Isan. Nowadays, many restaurants even in metropolitan cities like Bangkok are serving anything from silk worms to water beetles, bamboo worms and crickets. Grasshopper still remains one of the top favorites. While snacking insects isnít the norm, it is not unlikely to find restaurant menus that showcase extensive selections of insect-based foods. Give it a try; most are fried to perfection so you might as well have a taste of what Thais call as 'perfection'.

Songkran Day and Soaked Policemen
If you happened to be in Thailand on Songkran Day or the traditional new year of the country which falls on 13 April, you will find that there are really some unusual things going on this day Ė water fight with policeman, for one. As part of the celebration, merry makers throw plastic filled with water or buckets of water on each other Ė no one is exempted. The unfortunate traffic policeman is a convenient target. Even children know this and take advantage of the occasion.

Formula 1 Drivers On The Road
Anyone from tuk tuk drivers, to taxi drivers to private vehicle owners are guilty. The Thais, in general, donít seem to care much for speed but they clearly define what it means to be on the rush during the rush hour. If you're travelling in Thailand, always take precautions while on the road.

Reckless Drivers
Obtaining a driver's license in Thailand is very easy. No wonder the country ranks as one of the top three in the world with the highest incidents of road accidents every year. It is not unusual to see motorcycle drivers sporting umbrellas while driving in the rain. It is not unusual to drive past abandoned helmets on the road either.

Refreshments On Plastic Bags
The Thais have created an ingenious way to have a drink on the go Ė plastic bag with a straw. These are virtually replacements of the cups here.


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