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Have you ever considered sky diving? Do you wonder what sky diving would feel like? Do you know much about sky diving? Sky diving definitely looks like, a frightening experience. Just watching people jumping from plans from thousands of feet in the air is enough to send chills down your spine. One would have to wonder whether sky diving is as exciting as people make it out to be or is this activity a total nightmare. For those who are not interested in sky diving or would never even consider it, perhaps to them it seems like a foolish and crazy thing to do. However for thousands of people in the world, the thrill of sky diving keeps sending them back for more.

Sky diving is a sport that requires training in safety and technique. Serious sky divers learn all the necessary skills needed for making the jump. However for the person who's always been fascinated with sky diving but not interested in making it a hobby, there is one method of sky diving that doesn't require instruction. This form of sky diving is referred to as tandem skydiving. It is considered to be safe, quite easy and very exciting. This sky diving technique allows a person to freefall at very high speeds while being harnessed to an instructor. For the individual who's always dreamt of jumping from a plan, this type of sky diving is probably best for them.

For people who try tandem skydiving and decide they'd like to take it to another level, perhaps even make it a regular activity, the accelerated freefall technique is likely for them. This form of sky diving requires training and plenty of practice before attempting it on your own. Accelerated freefall sky diving, with proper instruction, can allow a person to freefall on every single jump. To learn accelerated freefall there are various stages of instruction a person must go through. Throughout this learning process an individual learns about stable and balanced body position and relaxation. This is certainly important for sky diving. A trainee is also taught about altitude awareness, pilot chute throw, turning techniques, hover control, radio assisted landing and other necessary lessons for accelerated freefall sky diving. This form of sky diving is believed to have a couple of benefits over other training methods. Accelerated freefall provides an individual plenty of time to practice their sky diving techniques because they are continuously freefalling. It's also great for instructors because they are able to use hand signals during this training which teaches the individual to change their positioning to provide better results.

Contrary to what you might think, sky diving does not make a person feel as if they are falling. Instead when a person jumps, it's as if they are being supported by a cushion of air. When thinking about sky diving, automatically you may sense a feeling of an upset stomach. However, people say the experience is similar to being in the water, the body is buoyant. Sky diving is an activity that an individual would probably have to experience for themselves in order to actually understand how it feels. Unless you are determined to try sky diving, there is no need to strap on a parachute just yet.


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