Stay Young and Beautiful

Staying young and beautiful is an important factor in many of our lives. The thought of getting old, wrinkly and losing our faculties is rather daunting to say the least.

Scientists who have studied aging are now saying that your genes only have 40 percent of the deciding factor to how old you look and feel, the rest is due to what you eat, drink and your state of mind. According to these studies, this means you can delay aging symptoms by years, simply by taking small steps to improve your diet, fitness and by trying to cut down the levels of stress and negativity in your life.

Cutting down on stress is one of the most important things you need to think about, prolonged stress can be hazardous to your health. Studies have shown there is evidence that chronic stress weakens the immune system, making us more susceptible to infections and illnesses.

Try to be positive about your life, if you are not one of life's natural optimists it will be worth learning to become one by practicing positive thinking, such as; If you find yourself reacting to an event in a destructive way, stop for a moment and focus on positive areas of your life or think of a good time in your life and reflect on the best features about yourself, once you have managed to get into a better state of mind take another look at your problem or event, is it actually as important as you first thought?

Is there an easier way to go about your problem? Or perhaps there is someone who you can ask for help to lighten the load. By believing in yourself, thinking that things can only get better and that this situation is temporary, you will be surprised how much happier and calm you can become.

Eat at least five portions of fruit and vegetables a day and a minimum of one portion of oily fish a week, this will boost your immune system and help give you more energy to go about your busy lifestyle. By eating your recommended portion of fruit and vegetables, scientists also say you cut your overall cancer risk by twenty percent. Eating oily fish at least once a week can cut your risk of heart attack by forty percent. Fish also helps to reduce risk of several forms of cancers and can ease symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.

Drink eight glasses of water each day to keep your body fully hydrated. Water can help build up your bodies immune system and is also known to increase the elasticity of the skin, which keeps your face and body wrinkle free for longer.

When dieting if you drink a large glass of water before each meal your stomach will be fuller to start with so you will not need to eat as much food to fill you up thus making dieting much easier.

Keep on the move, staying physically fit is an important factor in achieving a healthy lifestyle, by doing as little as twenty minutes of exercise a day will do you the world of good, especially if you stick to a routine, it will build up your strength, balance and flexibility.

Always wear sun lotion, by wearing sun lotion with a high sun protection factor you can protect your skin from exposure to ultraviolet light, UVA or UVB. Both UVA and UVB radiation can cause skin damage such as wrinkles, lowered immunity against infections, aging skin disorders and cancer.

There are many more things you can do to improve your health and fitness, but if you follow these few steps it will be a good start and will make a huge difference to your life and future.

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