Bringing Heaven to Earth: Applying Spiritual Principles Consistently Over Time

I am often asked to explain what I mean by becoming a spiritual scientist ? in other words, what's the science part? Because these terms are being bantered about quite liberally these days, I welcome the opportunity to clarify what for me is a simple and profound process.

Becoming a spiritual scientist is a means to an end. The means is the ability to apply spiritual principles consistently overtime. The results are repeatable but not the 'same". I can do something over and over (like practicing a piece on the piano) but because I am always applying what I learned before (hopefully) the piece grows in musicality, depth, mastery and expands my piano playing ability.

The results, when we are applying spiritual principles consistently, must have growth, expansion and a new awareness or revelation. Why? Because the spiritual essence of who you are is new in every moment. When you bring your awareness to that moment, you see with new eyes.

The second question that I am asked often is: Why? or What is the benefit for becoming a spiritual scientist? Is this really going to enhance my life? Make me a happier person? Fulfill me in some way?

Again, great question.

Using my piano playing analogy again? Day in and day out I sat down to practice my scales, my finger exercises and my music pieces. Each day my teacher suggested that I evaluate my practice time ? how was today's practice different than yesterdays? Did that section go smoother? Did I correct the mistakes of yesterday? Did I hear something today in that movement that I didn't hear yesterday?

I was being taught observation and awareness. And this repeatable daily practice eventually turned my average piano playing into an award-winning ability. And better than winning an award, I knew the process of learning to play a piano piece well ? and that knowing was empowering.

I also expanded in my knowing of myself. I found a well-spring of inner strength and focus; I became intimate with a new space of calm and peace in the face of self-doubt, worry and fear. I pushed through previous places of won't: "I won't do this; I won't go on; I won't know how" and found the authentic "will" empowerment. And I uncovered a fresh place of inner joy, fulfillment, growth and revelation. My life was energized.

I have discovered that using simple spiritual principles of observation, acceptance, forgiveness, compassion and loyalty to the soul daily ? over time ? open the inner pathways to discover the greater reality. This new discovery expands my ordinary sense abilities into extraordinary multidimensional awareness. My heart not only feels but knows. My mind not only understands but is aware of several levels of information at the same time. And because my energy is not caught up in emotional and mental drama, the cells of my body are shifting?holding more light and more loving.

Any day is a good day to begin finding out for yourself what consistency, focus, choice, and practice can do for your spiritual growth and awareness.

A simple beginning:

Inhale your breath and say inside: "Everything I am seeking is available in this moment. I am what I am seeking." Repeat often.

And so, you begin.

Rebecca Skeele, President of Make It Heaven LLC, is an author, speaker and master facilitator supporting people to cocreate their personal heaven on earth. She is the author of You Can Make It Heaven: How to Enrich Your Life with Abundance and Loving and numerous articles supporting personal and spiritual growth. She combines her extensive years as a spiritual counselor and coach, two Master's degrees in Spiritual Counseling and Spiritual Science, her certification in the noetic field of consciousness and her study as an non-denominational minister to support conscious choice and awakening to the truth within. Her new course, Becoming a Spiritual Scientist: A Course for Cocreators offered in Santa Fe, NM, is taking applications for Fall 2005. (course begins in November) Visit for more information or email Rebecca at

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