The Mirror of Truth

James 1:23-24

Anyone who listens to the word but does not do what it says is like a man who looks at his face in a mirror and, after looking at himself, goes away and immediately forgets what he looks like?

Standing, gazing ahead
An image of Truth has been placed before me
There, a reflection of myself.

So vivid, and so clear
Every detail has been meticulously captured
It sickens me to think it must be me.

Blisters reeking of disease run down my cheeks
Moist sores have taken control of the mouth I can no longer see
My lips, cracked and bleeding.
Infectious wounds, like carvings from the hand of a child.
Darkness devours the frame of my eyes, now interrupted by tears

A wave of disgust runs through my body
As I gaze at the man I have become?

I can no longer tolerate this hideous being
I turn my head in disbelief?

The repugnant picture begins to fade from my memory?
It must have been a dream
Yet, I dare not look again.

I mask my doubt with a simple grin
And step into the day?
I will not believe
For in my mind, I am unblemished, once again.

This poem was inspired as I was reading through the book of James one day. I am amazed at how I have grown to live with my flaws. As a Christian, the tendency to accept the gift of grace without realizing the cost of our transgressions is hard to avoid. We forget that we are filled with flaws, sins, eeking of disease in the eyes of the Lord...and all this has been covered!! We forget the state which we were in, full of illness and death. Thank God that He will not leave us miserable...He loves us enough to pull us out of our blood and wash us clean. But let us not forget the scent, look, and feel of our sin, as we strive to put it aside...continually surrendering our lives to the Lord.

Debra Rashid is employed as a counselor at a local hospital, working with at risk youth. She has a passion for the urban community and volunteers much of her time working with inner city youth and families. She hopes her writings will be a source of encouragement and motivation to those who read them.

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