Why is Kabbalah so Attractive to Hollywood A-Listers Like Madonna, Britney Spears and Demi Moore?

CARLSBAD, CALIFORNIA: Of course we may never know the real answer, but speculation could be that Kabbalah is a mystical and practical approach to evolution and growth.

I, for one, am tired of so-called "spiritual gurus" who can't pay their bills! (And they certainly can't tell you how to do it either.)

Maybe Hollywood is as well.

Unless you're prepared to sell everything you own?

Eastern mysticism will bring you limited results at best. Let's face it: most of us live in a modern society and are accustomed to the benefits and lifestyle it brings. Kabbalah is a unique approach to the expansion of consciousness that will assist you in your spiritual and physical power.

Once thought to be Jewish mysticism, evidence agrees that Kabbalah predates Judaism, and traces can be found in the Egyptian and Chaldean cultures, as well as many other spiritual approaches and ancient schools of thought.

Kabbalah literally means to "receive tradition," and there are four main branches:

  • The Dogmatic Kabbalah centers on the study of the literature of Kabbalah such as the Tora, the Sepher Yetzirah, the Zohar and many others. The Dogmatic Kabbalah is interesting and informative but not the thrust of the magician.
  • The Practical Kabbalah is the basis for Kabbalistic magick, such as the making of talismans and amulets. Magick can be defined as "making willful change in the fabric of your universe."
  • The Literal Kabbalah deals with the relationship between the letters of the Hebrew alphabet and their numerical values. Also known as Gematria.
  • The Unwritten Kabbalah deals with the sacred glyphs on the map of consciousness known as the Tree of Life. Unlike Eastern mysticism, the Kabbalist doesn't have to renounce the physical plane of existence. Rather than just focusing on "ascending" (which is basically stating that you want to get the hell out of this world), the Kabbalist soars into the mystical realms of consciousness and then descends to use these insights and powers in the physical world.

    My experience (with Eastern as well as Western approaches) proves that the Kabbalist approach is far superior to the Western body and mind than Eastern practices ever will be. Sitting in the lotus position may look really cool, but it's not very comfortable to the Western-trained body (nor is selling everything you own and living on legumes).

    The path of true mastery is a path that encompasses the best of the ancient and esoteric traditions while simultaneously teaching you to utilize the latest technologies in financial, relational and physical growth.

    If you're ready to soar into the realm of the mystics while keeping your feet steadily grounded in the earth, and if you're ready to create outrageous results both physically and spiritually, then check out Modern Magick. James Arthur Ray is a best-selling author, leading entrepreneur, and wealth building expert. He has helped thousands of individuals and organizations build true Harmonic Wealth? to accelerate their personal and business growth. For more information, please visit http://www.ThePowerToWin.com.

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