New Hope For Global Peace

In a recent article entitled "Some Evidence of How We Are Spiritually Connected" I reported on a case study where I was able to give some evidence as to how individuals who have overlapping life histories share such histories as information stored in what I term "interpersonal", "shared" or "collective" thought fields. These fields hold all the overlapping memories, experiences and beliefs that the individuals who are connected to those fields hold in their consciousnesses.

I was also able to show how, with a new tool called the Mind Resonance Process(TM)(MRP), helping one member of the collective thought field release a traumatic memory from their own conciousness (i.e. thought field) helped to shift that memory out of the entire collective thought field thereby healing all other members of that collective group instantly and at a distance.

The implications of this result are quite significant. For instance since any given individual belongs to a set of collective fields i.e. family, work, community, gym, social clubs, town, city, country and planet that individual has the capacity to effect specific and focused healing in each and every one of these collective fields.

As an example, let us take a traumatic memory that he experienced as a result of being a member of his family group. By clearing such a memory this would help heal his entire family of the trauma spontaneously irrespective of where they might be living at that particular moment.

Similarly, helping that same individual release a traumatic memory that occurred and was experienced by most of his community could potentially facilitate the healing of the community of such a trauma. Again this would occur spontaneously and at a distance.

We could extrapolate further to the global or planetary level. Helping individuals heal a trauma that the entire planet experienced i.e. something say like 911 or the tsunami in South East Asia in the winter of 2005 could potentially facilitate the healing of the planetary or global collective of this these traumatic events.

Additionally, it is my feeling that such healing is not necessarily restricted by what we consider the boundaries of time. In other words the healing effect, and this needs to be proven, may very well extend backwards and forwards in time.

It is my goal to move my research with MRP in a direction that could show that these hypotheses have some validity. I wish to add that the consequences to an individual of healing trauma with MRP is that he begins to experience a great inner sense of peace, inner strength, self esteem, self confidence, compassion for self and others and a sense of joy and love. The same is true of members in the respective sub-fields of which that individual is a member.

The implications for healing the entire human species of the millennia of stored trauma in the collective human thought field presents itself as an exciting possiblity and one which I would invite others to join me in.

Nick Arrizza M.D. is an Energy Psychiatrist, Healer, Life & Executive Coach, Researcher, Speaker, Developer of the powerful Mind Resonance Process(TM), Author of "Esteem for the Self: A Manual for Personal Transformation" (available as an e-book at: He holds international telecoaching and teleconference sessions on healing mind, body and spirit.

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