Your Fashion Style is Important

Fashion style is important. You clothes make your fashion statement, and how you're perceived. Stand straight and carry yourself with grace. You will radiate self confidence. Here are some fashion tips and advice to look and feel good. Don't forget your jewelry accessories are like the icing on the cake. They are the finishing touch. Dress to Impress and Make Your Fashion Statement!

Fashion Tips

  • Make sure your wardrobe has plenty of neutrals on hand - they are perfect for mixing and matching. They can be dressed up or down with the right jewelry additions.

  • Not a one of us woman has the perfect figure. We all have flaws. Accept your flaws and work with them

  • Know your body and what looks good. You are logically attracted to clothes, styles and colors that flatter your figure. Experiment a bit, and try something a bit off your normal habits

  • Tailored outfits are flattering to most all figures

  • Buy styles that flatter your figure and don't forget that finishing touch with your jewelry

  • To make a short neck look longer wear a sccop neck or open collar shirt, complete the look with a long necklace

  • Large breasted women and women with wide hips can optain balance by using shoulder pads

  • Make sure your panty hose fits properly

  • Don't bare all - leave something for the imagination. Entice with your a glittery necklace or choker, and don't forget the earrings

  • Leather stretches so if your buying a leather skirt or pants make sure they are snug when you purchase them. There are also some fabulous faux leather products on the market that can give you great wear for a season or two without having to worry if they'll still fit next year

  • Dress up your look with glittery jewelry, accent a line with a necklace. Don't forget your earrings and bracelets. They add the finishing touch to your look. You can completely change your look just by changing your jewelry. Dress it up or down!

  • If you find an outfit in a magazine but its too pricey for your budget don't fret. There are terrific department stores and online sites that sell very similar for much less. Your jewelry is the same. That fabulous designer parure that costs way more than you can afford - your certain to find a similar in an online store for much less. Clip the picture and keep it with you so you can match

  • Set your budget and stick to it. Purchase plenty of mix and match pieces to get the most for your money. And don't forget to complete your look with jewelry. Mix and match your jewelry pieces also.

    Make your fashion statement! You are a unique individual with your own look. Portray your self confidence and turn those heads!

    Sher from Estate Jewelry International has been serving customers for over 20 years, providing fashion, jewelry, and wedding help. So stop by and visit us at We'll help you make your fashion statement! Remember looking good doesn't have to cost a fortune!

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