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Who hasn't heard of the most popular flowering plant of all time, the rose? The rose plant can spark a quick conversation amongst even the shyest of persons. Almost anyone can tell you of someone they know who has grown beautiful roses or of someone who couldn't. Almost anyone can tell you of someone who got or sent roses, especially around the holidays. Even little children know what the rose plant is.

The local florist most likely has dozens of colors, types, and sizes of rose plants. It would seem to be the best selling flower of all time. The local discount store and even the local grocer carries some sort of rose plant these days.
In my opinion, the best rose is one that has a strong scent. A rose has a most distinct smell, and a scent welcome to most anyone. The fragrance is like no other and has been reproduced in perfumes and air fresheners for years. There are rose-scented oils and lotions, bath products. There are rose colors and rose images galore. You can find rose parades and people named Rose. You can even coming out "smelling like a rose". All because of a mere plant that reached enormous proportions of popularity.

The rose plant is available in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and types. It is known worldwide. The prices vary depending on where you buy or what type and size you want.

Do you want a rose plant already started in a pot? You may have to repot it. Make sure you do your homework before you buy one.

When you decide what type of rose plant you'd like, think of placement. There is a plant called the thornless rose plant that will grow in the shade. But most rose plants are known to have thorns, so you wouldn't want your small child or grandchild or frequent tiny visitors to happen upon something that is so pretty that they can't resist grabbing and end up with an unwelcome handful of thorns. It may even sour them on the enjoyment of the rose plant for life because of a tearful memory. And roses are too beautiful to allow such a thing!

There are climbing rose plants which you most certainly wouldn't want trailing across the ground to be stomped by animals or other foot traffic. Some roses are delicate and unfiltered light would cook their leaves to an unwelcome brown. If your rose plant is the type that grows into a bush, you would want to place it in a spot that allows for it to spread.
Rose plants carry so many different names, it's probably enough to fill a small book! Some of the names include Rose Blaze, Rose Red Eden, Rose New Dawn, Rose Neptune, Rose Zephirine, just to name a very few. If you want a rose that sounds like it belongs in a class all its own, you could buy a Rose Paris D'Yves St. Laurent! That's a mouthful! Happy Hunting!


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