Counselling: An Imperative Step In The Reverse Mortgage Process

Taking out a reverse mortgage is a major decision, since you are putting the equity of your primary residence at stake. One of the most important things you need to do is to attend a reverse mortgage counselling seminar. This seminar is organized to enlighten the prospective borrower’s understanding about reverse mortgage. Similar to most financial transactions, reverse mortgage is hounded by myths and uneducated opinion that affect its popularity. Technically, the seminar should discuss all the options available to the borrower such as social security and housing, however, if you are bent on seeking reverse mortgage assistance, they can provide complete information.

The seminar is facilitated by knowledgeable industry experts from an independent third party who can help prospective borrowers make the decision. It can take place over the phone or as a one-on-one discussion. Aside from the usual inquiries regarding application requirements and financial rates, these experts will also provide explanation regarding the implications and nature of reverse mortgages. These include its effect on government assistance such as social security and Medicare. Tax consequences will also be thoroughly explained and its impact on the borrower’s eligibility. They will also be able to explain the effects of an existing loan to a reverse mortgage. In addition to that, they can give expert advice on how to go about these situations and effectively reap the benefits from both.

The facilitator can also explain to you the procedure of the mortgage contract dissolution. They also have considerable information about the transfer of mortgage from the deceased borrower to the heirs or estates and the participation of the borrower’s spouses. They can also further discuss the nature of a non-recourse loan and its effect on your finances and properties. These things, albeit seldom asked, do play an important role in making the decision that is why the counsellor has to volunteer these information. Some people regret their financial decisions only when they discover that some provisions in the contract are not in line with their ideals. At some point, they only realize the essence of a mortgage seminar only when they are faced with situations that seem complicated to assess.

The seminar is held not to singly encourage you to take out a reverse mortgage but to bring forth to you the arrangement’s pros and cons and present you with other options. Their aim is to educate you in managing your finances in order for you not make emotional decisions that you may later regret. They can be straightforward and advise you if a reverse mortgage would suit your needs depending on your current financial status.

The independent third party organizations who handle personal finance seminars can be searched in the roster of Home Equity Conversion Mortgage Housing counsellors or from the counselling network. The agencies permitted by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development to provide face to face and over the phone counselling are National Foundation for Credit Counselling, Money Management International, Consumer Credit Counselling Service of Atlanta, and National Council on Aging.


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