What is Origami?

Origami, although an ancient discovery, is perhaps a foreign concept to many individuals today. Unless a person is caught up in the art world or has an interest in crafting, they may have never heard of origami. What is origami? It is, put simply, folding paper. This idea began hundreds of years ago however, the exact origin is unknown. It is still unknown whether it began in China or Japan. It is a known fact that the Japanese have developed advanced forms of artistic origami. This idea was quick to catch on spreading into Spain, South America, Germany and Britain. With time this creative activity also became popular in the west. Although origami is an activity enjoyed by thousands of people, it has a special place in the Japanese culture.

Learning how to fold paper is the basis of origami. There are very simple forms of origami such as the paper airplane which requires basic folds and instruction. Although the paper airplane is quite easy to make, for years it has provided hours of entertainment for young children. For the millions of individuals who have quickly made a paper airplane, perhaps they weren't aware they were using the art of origami.

There are countless projects that can be done using the art of origami. For people who are working with these techniques on a regular basis, the possibilities for creations rely on their imagination and creativity. Although the finished products are elaborate and obviously a challenge for the inexperienced person, the art of origami often uses two basic folds - the origami bird base and the origami square base. Learning how to do this activity will likely incorporate these two basic folds in most projects. As an individual advances in the art of origami, these basic folds will frequently be required for many projects.

Folding paper may sound boring to some people but for thousands in the world the folding paper or the art of origami, has become quite significant. It may sound juvenile to some but origami can be quite challenging which is what interests many people. The art of origami uses mathematics which again can be challenging for many people. A project starts out with just a square piece of paper and can be transformed into countless beautiful compositions. For many people origami is not simply a pastime. This activity requires skill and knowledge and is often used in the business world. There are individuals who get paid to create certain items using the art of origami. In different parts of the world there are origami competitions where people showcase their work.

Origami is an interesting art. It's difficult to visualize this concept. You really need to see pictures and diagrams to help you understand how this idea is applied. There are many books published about origami. You might find some in the local bookstore or at the library. Crafting magazines may also be a good source for information on origami. One place you're sure to locate beneficial material about this ancient activity is on the Internet. With access to a world database, the Internet will certainly be able to help you locate all you need to know about the art of folding paper - origami.


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