The Multi Level Marketing Concept

The concept of multi level marketing can simply be associated with the scenarios you see in the normal world of corporate offices - where the top line typically consists of managers, supervisors, and CEOs except that in the former, the pyramid can be the other way around. Sounds confusing, isn't it? However, that is exactly how multi level marketing is. It means that in the multi level marketing environment, those on the bottom lines can be at the top, depending on how they work hard to achieve the success they want in this business.

The Pyramid Line

In the corporate world, every position in the pyramid has different salary from the others. In order that the person in the lower rank climbs up the top spot, there are obstacles to be successfully conquered. If they don't do it the right way, they remain in that lower spot and have no chances of earning high salary range like the top bosses do. On other issue, the top position is followed by four slots, followed by more slots, until a pyramid is completed to indicate the work team in a certain corporate office.

In the multi level marketing companies, it is a perfect pyramid line where there is one on topmost position, two on the next, four on the next, and so on and so forth. The person on the top position is actually the first recruiter and the top earner. However, unlike in the corporate world, everyone on the pyramid is their own bosses and everybody has fair chances to earn huge amounts of money, depending on how much work and success they take along the path. This means that even the person on the lowest spot can still reach the top as far as financial freedom is concerned.

Investment, Financial Freedom, and Family Tree

The first thing that you do is invest certain amount of money to build your own line. After a certain time, you can earn money by recruiting down line members and even more money when they too recruit their own down line members. If you work harder, there are more chances of you earning higher. You just need to train and motivate the people on your down line so that they too work harder until your own organization chart is created and has become bigger. The good thing about this is it can keep growing and growing, and your income increasing and increasing too.

The pyramid in multi level marketing is not about the status of the members but their tenacity to claim the financial freedom that they always wanted. Everybody is entitled to become richer, so long as they work hard for it. The best thing about it is there is never an ending cycle to everybody on the pyramid as it continues to grow from generations to generations. And though it is the prime motive of all, it can not be all about the money itself.

As the cycle continues to grow bigger, the bonds between each down line and up line are formed too enabling them to build better relationship; thus, being able to work better with each one.

And so, the concept of multi level marketing can be just perfect for everybody who wants to have financial freedom that can last a lifetime and as well as have a family which supports each other.


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