Take Pride: Lift Chairs Aren't Just For Weaklings

Who said that lift chairs are only for the weaklings? No offense to the old, infirm, and handicapped who will certainly benefit most from the use of lift chairs but there's actually more than just supporting special physical requirements whenever somebody decides to use one. So whenever you have a lift chair, take pride. Lift chairs can do more to make sure that you're as healthy and strong as you want to be.

The benefits of using a lift chair entirely depend on the capabilities of the type you selected. Almost all lift chairs in the market are recliners and offer a variety of added interesting features. Apart from mere raising and lowering of the backrest and footrest, current lift chairs are now capable of sustaining different positions through mechanical adjustments of the entire chair frame. However you want to sit, relax, nap, or sleep, or however you want to sit down on the chair or stand up from it, you can do so using a 2-position, 3-position, or an infinite position lift chair.

The bones, particularly the spinal cord, can greatly benefit from your use of a lift chair. Take note that you need not have osteoporosis before you decide to take precautionary measures against posture problems. Certain lift chairs can be adjusted to ease the pressure of gravity on the spinal cord, particularly on the spinal discs some companies even termed the position as "Zero Gravity Position".

Especially that our spinal discs naturally degenerate as we age, preserving the best state of any part of our body must be a primary concern. Add to this the fact that there are very few nerve endings in a spinal disc and there is literally no blood supply. Therefore, damaged discs cannot heal themselves unlike other parts of the body. Continued use of a lift chair, and adopting the appropriate position, can tremendously help you maintain good health for the bones. Soon you will find out that your back and neck pains are also no more as frequent, if not completely eliminated, as they used to be.

Lift chairs are also great for healthy blood circulation. You can easily adjust the chair to maintain a desired position instead of frantically searching for some tools or alternative materials that can help you achieve a specific position.

Cite for example the Trendelenburg position wherein the feet are positioned higher than the head. Apart from its known medical use during operations, this position is highly useful in applying first aid for shock and for patients with low blood pressure. Although new research findings contest the use of this position during such cases, still, the fact that lift chairs can be adjusted to different angles not just Trendelenburg prove its multi-functionality and therefore usefulness.

What about the need to elevate the feet from time to time to prevent varicose veins? - certainly not just for vanity reasons but, most importantly, for proper blood circulation.

So why have a mindset that lift chairs are only for the weaklings? Having one should boost your pride. Lift chairs will make you a man of comfort, as well as wisdom.


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