Life Coach Objective

The Requirements

There are a lot of academic institutions which offer courses, trainings, and seminars on how to become a life coach. Many of these contemporary schools of thought and practice are situated in UK and adjacent countries like Scotland, Denmark and other European countries. Including the United States of America, the thought of life coaching has easily spread and gained popularity in every corner of the world.

So what does it take to become a life coach? One may actually try and seek for courses offered in the internet and access institutions offering them. Some may even try and think that there are set authorities in determining what a life coach student may have, feel, undergo, and train for in order to become a licensed practitioner.

Fortunately, this social science is not considered to be the basis for self stature in relation to commerce and industry, or any other thing. Life coaching is more than that.

Being a life coach does not require anything obligated to academics. Training to become one is more of guidance from previous successful life coaches like Judge, Cowell, Whitworth, Kimsey-House, and other similar personalities. Requirement to become a possible life coach is just a sane, sound, and an open mind. Starting with the self in preparing to be a sponge eager to be filled with life’s experiences as if it was water, a potential and successful life coach is about to be molded.

The Objective

Sure it is easy to be a mentor, adviser, confidante, consultant, and a friend whose purpose is to help out someone in need of a certain thing. A life coach does all that as well. Now you may ask what differences set life coaches apart from mere consultants or advisers.

Objective. Life coaches have an objective to deal with in seeing to it that the one they are coaching would get to what goals are set prior to the coaching. In contrast to just confidantes who give support, life coaches are there to go along with the success of his pupil.

The life coach becomes more than just a teacher imparting words of wisdom and encouragement to his pupils. He becomes a pupil himself to know how things work with the people he is coaching. It is co-active coaching. The objective of the students become the objective of the coach himself as if he was the actual person needing coaching.

Training with the experts may have brought about all the knowledge and techniques to properly conduct life coaching, but there are still many instances wherein experiences in real life become the solidifying agent of all the dust we refer to as learnings in life. Our objective as a life coach begins with the self.

After we have set our personal objective to be a sponge ready to absorb water, we then start dealing with other people’s objectives and help them reach it through active participation. It may sound silly but as social people, we need to participate in other people’s affairs.


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