How to Shop for a Leather Coat

A leather coat is a wardrobe staple and a great addition to your personal look and style. Hip and stylish yet a durable, timeless classic, leather coats are an investment that pays off over the years. Shopping for just the right leather coat, however, can be daunting. Several steps can make leather coat shopping easier, or at least more managable. First, be prepared to spend about $250 or more. A good leather coat is an investment piece in your wardrobe, not a purchase you make every season, so be aware that you'll be spending for a quality item.

Knowing that leather coats are expensive, look for silouettes that are flattering and timeless. Try a classic style like a bomber, blazer, zip up, or trench style leather coat. Black or brown are colors that will also stand the test of time, making your investment pay off. While red, blue, or even a bright hue like pink can seem "cute" and "in" this season, it is unlikely to be flattering for several years, so if you want your money to go its farthest, avoid these trendy colors.

Waste or hip-length styles are the most versatile, transitioning through many seasons.You should buy your leather coat to fit you well, but don't buy a coat that is too snug. Remember that you may want to layer sweaters or other items under your coat, and purhase accordingly.

Texture is also important in selecting the right leather coat for you. Textures vary from buttery soft, but thin leather to a more durable, thicker leather. Choose texture based on what you prefer as well as what you plan to do in your jacket. A thicker leather suits a more active lifestyle, while a thinner, sleeker leather is more sophisticated and upscale. When you are in a store trying on a leather coat, remember to inspect the construction of the jacket. Seams should be strong and perfect and the bottom hem should be precise and straight if the jacket is of quality construction. Motorcycle jackets, specifically, should have vents, as should trench style leather coats. The collar and pockets should lie flat, and lining should have strong seams especially in the pockets where a great deal of wear and tear occurs. If anything is unraveling or looks weak now, it will not stand the test of several seasons of wear, and you should buy another coat!

Once you select the perfect jacket, make sure that you store it flat or on a wide, sturdy, padded hanger to prevent streching or distortion in the leather. Also, avoid plastic covers, too much humidity, or odd smells that can linger on leather.

Any stain you get on your new jacket should be addressed as soon as possible, either via spot cleaning or through a reputable dry cleaner who offers leather services. These simple tips can help you buy the right leather coat and keep it looking like new for years to come. Leather coats are an investment piece that will give your wardrobe pizazz!


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